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T here never has been a more important time to learn to protect and grow your wealth, than right now. With the government taking over more and more of the economy, taxes going up—in spite of what the politicians tell us—and improvement in the job market almost imperceptible, you need all the help you can find. Think of the Daily as a multi-vitamin for your investments. The Daily can provide the knowledge you need to make safe, sound and profitable investments.


Thank You for the Daily. For the first 5 to 6 weeks I just followed the daily and made plays in the Investment House Challenge to test the criteria you had in the Daily. In the last 2 weeks I've been trading for real. I have made a little over $50,000 ... . THANK YOU INVESTMENT HOUSE DAILY.

Investing safely and profitably is your ultimate goal. If peace of mind can be included, that's a bonus. The Investment House Daily newsletter delivers the expert analysis and tools to provide that peace of mind.

Reading an issue of the Daily, you may never believe our editor, Chief Market Strategist Jon Johnson, (more about him later) with the help of a small staff, can gather, analyze and write so much clear, concise, and on the money information in so little time. But that's a result of his many years of experience, study and training. He knows what to look for. Fact is, Jon writes most of the Daily himself. As you read and learn from Jon, you'll see he's very adept at taking advantage of what the market offers—because he does know what to look for. Like having Jack Nicklaus watch your golf swing.

So, What Exactly is the Daily?

Every evening, after every trading day, the Daily is delivered to your inbox, complete with videos. Each issue covers the critical elements of the trading day—beginning with an Overview, followed by a summary, and finally moving to the overall economy. The report ends with a look at the next trading day's session. You receive transcripts of the videos, too, so if you prefer reading, have at it. I usually like to watch the video, then read the accompanying script, but that's just me. And that's just part 1. Part 2 reviews current plays in our portfolios, what kind of play it is and what it's doing. Part 3 will go over a few plays we're looking at making, and why—more on that later.


I can never thank you enough for the reports you send.... since reading your letters I have done 25% and understand a lot more about investing......
Thank you,

So Many Winners, So Much Profit to Share

By this point, you probably expect to see how many winners Jon's picked in a row, and how much profit they've produced for investors. We prefer to let our readers tell you that themselves.

Suffice it to say, Jon picks many more winners than losers. And when a pick isn't going the way conditions indicated it would, Jon keeps close enough watch that he alerts you to pull out ahead of a loss, and regroup. Often he will go back in for a new run if a stock makes a change that warrants it.


I began service with you about 3 months ago with 5,000 dollars and am now well above 50K in 3 months time. YOU'RE THE BEST
M Gaxiola
[Note: That's 1000 Percent]

So What Exactly is the Daily?

Like a good multi-vitamin for your physical health, The Daily provides all the essentials for a healthy investment portfolio. It arrives in three parts. As I mentioned, Part 1 often includes videos. Jon presents the market Overview in the first video, followed by the technical summary, what happened with the economy and the outlook for the next session in subsequent videos. You can skip the videos, and scroll down through the transcript to read only what you're interested in. If you're not sure, the combination of video, with Jon doing the voice-over, and the scripts, make a great learning tool. Another great thing about the videos is they're separated, so you don't have to look through the whole thing to find what you want. That saves you time, and like they say, time is money. In the overview, Jon highlights and ties together the driving forces behind the days activities. Sure—if you read enough reports, watch enough news shows, and review enough websites, you can probably figure out all this on your own. But wouldn't you rather spend that time with friends and family? I know I would. Besides, I don't have the background and years of experience to know what to look for.


Outstanding education. My wife and I just want to say thanks for all the timely info: We learn something from every issue. Keep it up.

The Summary

An important part of every Daily, every evening it appears in your inbox, is the Summary. Think of it as vitamin A, where Jon reviews and clarifies everything from new laws that passed, to world politics. All of this affects the markets, and where and when to invest. For instance, as this is being written, the dollar's been gaining on the Euro. This is having an effect that Jon will tell you all about. It's by no means the only indicator he'll use, but it's one of the many that will be reviewed before making any investments...he makes every move clear, and gives sound reasons for every position. And this is all in the first of three parts to every Daily you receive. Fact is, this just kicks off Part 1. It's packed with important and relative investment information that will guide you to profitable investments.


Thanks for your concise analysis of the market and stock picks. It really helps alot to figure out whats going on. I have made over $10,000 already ... I'll probably suscribe for a long, long time to the Daily ... Keep up the good work and let me tell you, your Daily is better than all the other newsletters I recieve (CNBC, Forbes, AOL and Fool).
Thanks and best wishes,
D. Sweet

The summary will also cover highlights of the European market news, as it affects us, as well as what events occurred on the NASDAQ and the other major indices. Then he will cover the other markets—what is oil doing? Is it moving higher or will it just be knocking on the door a few more days? What about gold? Jon covers gold. He also covers the bond markets, and the effect economic activity is having on the yields.

The Technical Picture

Okay. For all the technocrats, Jon covers the technicals in each issue of the Daily. They're an integral part of his analysis, the vitamins B and C, because the relationships here go a long way in helping to make decisions as to what play to make. He covers the internals, what's happening with breadth and volume. He'll cover all the charts—what group was the biggest winners, did someone make a big jump—did they rally and hold, rally and pull back, or not rally at all? Whatever the move, Jon will give you the details to understand it.

He'll let you know who the leaders are in metals, in energy, in retail...every important detail. Jon will let you know...every night...right in your inbox. You'll have a head start on the next trading day, and your next profits. He'll let you know who the strong players are in energy, who to watch in financial, and he'll keep you abreast of happenings on the tech side. And this is still in part one of the Daily.


Excellent investment advice.
In the past 12 month we tried Value Line, Morningstar, Zacks and numerous other investment services. We've made some money and lost more then we made until InvestmentHouse got into the picture.
We subscribed to InvestmentHouse in late April. Since then we've revamped our portfolio based on your recommendations and let it work. Through June 15 so far we have netted over $40K. What else can I say? ...
Thanks and keep on a great work.
Gene B.

When The Talking Heads Want Validation, They Call on Jon

Every talking head reading a teleprompter can tell you whether the market is up or down, and where it closed or opened. Jon will not only tell you what the markets did, he'll give you the reasons behind the actions. That's what separates The Daily from pretty much any other financial newsletter on the market. But you don't have to take my word for that. Here's what one of our satisfied subscribers has to say:

"Jon --
Really appreciate the daily dose of Market insight your newsletter provides. Well worth the price of admission. Good reads on what the Fed, Congress, small and large businesses, and the American consumer are thinking, and the roles of "what they say versus what they do". One of the most comprehensive sources of all that's necessary to understand Market action.

Patrick O'Kane"

And, as for the talking heads, Jon has been invited to appear on CNBC-TV and Bloomberg TV. He lends a touch of class, as well as credibility to the shows. He's also given interviews to the print media, including The Wall Street Journal's Smart Money Magazine, Bloomberg, Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine and Money Magazine.

After Jon gives you the underlying reasons for the day's activities, he goes over all the markets—the dollar, gold, oil, bonds—the technical picture, and all the charts. Everything you need to make sound investments.

As you know, times are changing, you simply must get the most from your investments. You want to take active measures to grow your portfolio. Following Jon's advice in the Daily is about as proactive as you can get. Now, you may be asking: Why should I follow this Jon's advice, and not CNBC or others? Great question.

Why The Daily? Why Indeed?

Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. --George Santayana

To paraphrase Mr. Santayana,--Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. I'm pretty sure you've heard that or something similar. I promised you more about Jon Johnson earlier, and this is a good time to present a little insight into Jon, and answer that question about the broker.


Hi, I went to a paid Chris Manning 3 day Advanced Trading Seminar this last weekend. During the breaks, I spoke with several other new traders. I spoke very highly of you, indicating all of the help you give to any and all subscribed traders. I made statements such as... you not only analyze for us, you are actively trading right down in the pits with us. I had a lot of raised eyebrows when I stated that after a trading day ends, you explain in detail what stock you chose, and a detail description of exactly step-by-step what you did. I went on to tell them of your Q & A's etc. I also directed them to your web site.
I got some very interested feedback... so expect some new subscribers ...
[Editor's Note: Thanks John! Keep it up!]

Jon began his investing career in the early '80s. Like many of us, he started with mutual funds. Still, again, like many of us, he turned to the expertise of brokers to guide him to the best returns, because the mutual funds just didn't give him the growth he was looking for. He got a lot of advice, and lost a lot of money, because the brokers tended to push stocks they had a vested interest in. Jon knew there had to be a better way. Finally, the lawyer in him took over.

He devoured every book and article he could find on investing. While he studied the recognized experts of the day, he watched the market—he began to see patterns that developed, and saw there were always reasons for the development. Then he noticed the same reasons—and the same patterns happened time and again, year after year, market after market. Jon rewrote Santayana's philosophical statement...

Those who study and learn history, can Profit from it!

Eventually, Jon started calling his own plays. Things began to get better. He enjoyed making more and bigger profits. Then his brokers started following his lead, making the same plays as Jon, and then offering them to their other clients. Eventually Jon started teaching others his methods, and the rest, as they say, is history. So, read the Daily—learn to profit from history—or more precisely, Jon's knowledge of history.


I want you to know that your newsletter is excellent on all counts. Not only do I learn about my stocks, but am learning economics and history.
Thank you, Diane

Get Your IRA Off Its Duff

Besides giving you the summary of the days activities, the Daily will present many articles driven by those events that can help you get the most from your IRA. Get the circulation going in your IRA with a little vitamin E—did you know you can write covered calls, and write puts in your IRA! That's how to get a real return from your investment. It doesn't have to just sit there in some fund, out of sight and forgotten, except when tax time rolls around. That's what most of us do...or maybe I was alone in that. The Daily can show you how to get the most from your IRA.

Question Authority

Jon's authority, that is. If you have a question regarding your investments, whether a specific stock or your IRA, ask Jon, in our Q&A section. Often, you can go to the Education center, and find the answer to your question right there. If not, Jon will be glad to have a crack at it.

After all this time, there's a tendency to think all the questions have been asked. But, although history repeats, history is still made. Markets and needs change, as do personalities, desires and circumstances. Being able to answer these questions and fill these needs is just one more thing that makes the Daily so useful and rewarding—aside from the profits.


I enjoy your info. very much. I subscribe to IBD, TSC, I follow Don Hayes, check Bloomberg, read CBS Marketwatch and even read the Fools about every day. I am a research and idea junkie, and your site appears to be the most legitimate source of actionable ideas I have seen. I have been actively selling puts and writing covered calls for years, and I rarely see Put writing as an active strategy in the written media. Please keep the information flowing ... !

Want More of an Adrenalin Rush?

Many investors are looking for a quicker turn—a home run, so to speak—and often turn to Options. Jon's track record with writing Calls, Covered Calls and Puts is very impressive. You will probably learn that he has a talent for making very profitable plays by predicting and working stock splits, too. This can be very rewarding. Jon will advise what play to make and when to make it. It's up to you to follow through.

Alert, Alert, Alert

At the top of every issue of the Daily, is a list of alerts that Jon has issued. The alert will tell you if you should be changing your position in a stock or option play, if you are in it. It will give you buy or sell alerts on stocks that Jon's working. Of course, you could subscribe to his alert service, and the alerts would come directly to your computer and/or mobile device. But, that's another issue.

Part 2—Continuing Plays

I reluctantly leave Part 1, because there is just so much info contained in that one section. But Part 2 is where it all comes to fruition. This is where every night, you can go and see what each play is doing, what the play is and what Jon has to say about it.

There is a link that will let you view in HTML format, the Continuing Plays Table. Or, if you prefer, another link will let you download a spreadsheet with all the same information. Well, almost the same. The former will let you see additional information, such as option tickers and after hours pricing. This is a very handy tool.


Hi Jon and the Daily Staff!
I have been walking with you all since the late fall and have been totally satisfied with my subscription to the Daily. Thank you all for your work in filtering out the "noise" and giving us what we need to interpret the market. And I totally enjoy your newest addition to the Daily -- the Continued Plays Table. I can follow your stock suggestions more efficiently with your Table. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!
Tom Meekins

Using this, you can see exactly what's happening to every play, and what Jon has to say about it, right up to the last minute. That makes me feel pretty darned good. I like having a recognized expert in my corner, playing right along side me.

And, if you're not quite ready to jump in, it's a great way to 'play along.' Just pick a play, put it in your test portfolio, and see how much fun it is to make some pretty serious cash.

Of course, the Continuing Plays Table lets you see every night what each stock is doing—is it advancing, declining, just rolling along? It's every play Jon's in at the moment, and includes a very clear legend to help you decipher all the information and stay ahead of the play.

Part 3—On to the Future

Now, I'm not talking about buying futures, per se. It's the buys Jon's looking at. Part 3 is the shortest of them all, but it may be the most exciting. After all, this is what we're looking at for our next play.


This is the first time in my life I'm making money and feel good confident about the stocks I'm in.
J. Timmins

Part 3 gets you back to videos, because each play is linked to a video, with Jon describing the activities leading to the purchase, or giving you the reasons for waiting another day or two. It's a very valuable and reassuring video experience. Looking at a company's chart is one thing—having Jon explain what it's showing, is something else. Jon discusses the patterns, the buy points, and any information that will make the play a good one. He also discusses things to watch out for. So, get started tonight.


Good morning-Your first paragraph says it all. I have welcomed you into my home and business in good times and bad and will continue to do so. In a world that is ever changing both economically and politically, your insights have often been right on the mark. You are good at what you do and it comes through that you are very good people as well. Thank you.
S. Wantman

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Just a quick note to thank you for a really great financial news letter. I get a lot out of it. I'm primarily an options trader, and your comments usually set me off into a direction I hadn't considered, which I find most helpful. I've been trading a little over two years now, and am supporting my family (well, almost) with my trades.
J. Pollani


I have been trying many investment sites in my first year of investing/trading and wish I had found the Daily much sooner. Continue your excellence.
G. Manes

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