Invest and Trade Profitably with Jon Johnson

Invest and Trade Profitably with Jon Johnson

Weekender for 10/1

October 1, 2023

1. Market Summary Weaker data appear to rattle stocks, but follow-through to Wednesday’s reversal finally shows up. Pending homes plummet, GDP Q2 consumption posts a nine-sigma miss Bank of America reports consumer spending -0.3% the prior week Suddenly, the media picks up on the weaker consumer as sentiment turns very negative. PHLX Semiconductor Sector (SOX) […]

Weekender for 9/24

September 24, 2023

1. Market Summary Jobless claims remain low and there are some reasons for that Philly Fed drops stone-like after a one month upside blip Leading economic indicators again indicating weakness So bad it is good: S&P 500, Nasdaq, DJ30 very near support from August lows Leadership thins further as the usual suspects fade away, e.g. […]

Weekender for 9/17

September 17, 2023

1. Market Summary Almost all indices appear to shake off flirting with selling, post solid gains Producer Price Index (PPI) similar to Consumer Price Index (CPI): cooler and not Retail sales cheered for the gains, but energy and inflation play a huge role as consumers cut back on non-essentials Government claims a surplus but admits […]

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Big Stock Wins

StockDays HeldProfit
Cronos Group5378.31%
Intrexon Corp846.23%
Beyond Meat, Inc1533.30%

Big Option Wins

StockDays HeldProfit
Cronos Group53430.39%
United Technologies Corp18405.23%
Tech Data Corp47317.65%


Your remarkable insight and knowledge of the stock market is something I look forward to reading in your newsletters. Thank you for 11 great years, it has been a real pleasure for me learning from you!!

— Chuck Rowe

I love the service. Why wouldn’t anyone with a level of sense about them not do this. It is low risk with your great track record. Timing, consistent winners, short plays–that’s the formula most people should find stress relieving. Thank You!

— Steve Rafter

You have a wonderful working system here. A lot of people with money would like to know about what you have here. It’s a gold mine. Congrats to you all.

— Scott Koppenhafer

I have been trading stocks for about 6 years and been a member of a number of recommendation and advisory services. Never have I been so impressed with the calls, profits and service as I have been since joining you! You have a customer for life and I sincerely thank you for providing such a valuable service.

— Jon Lightfoot, Oceanside, CA

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