Become an Alpha Options Trader to Avoid…

The Great Wealth Wipeout

Roger Michalski

Roger Michalski here, publisher of Eagle Financial Publications.

As inflation hits 40-year highs, Americans are expecting their finances to worsen.

Unfortunately, most have no idea just how bad it’s going to get…

They’re completely unaware that we’re entering what some experts have called the Great Wealth Wipeout of the 2020s.

Worse, the wipeout is going to affect a much bigger group of Americans than you think.

It’s not just the poor, or those who rely on government handouts, who are at risk.

In fact, according to Bloomberg, if you earn less than $300K annually — inflation is going to hurt…


Bloomberg also found that 54% of Americans believe their incomes will lag behind inflation.

Year over year, gasoline prices are up more than 40%, used car prices are up 40%, and food prices are rocketing skyward. With the technology industry laying off a large chunk of its workforce, the economy is in one of the most fragile states I’ve seen in all my years.

And even though we’ve heard politicians and the media say inflation can only go down from here…

The statistics tell a different story.

As of November, the trailing 12-month Consumer Price Index in America remains at a whopping 7.66% average for the year, after hitting a high of 9.06% in June.  


Combine that with every other facet of life that’s costing more and it’s easy to see why Bloomberg says you’re in trouble if you’re not making more than $300,000 a year…

When inflation is high, the Federal Reserve tends to raise interest rates to try to calm it. However, despite multiple rate hikes and no signs of a rate cut anytime soon, inflation is still near multi-decade highs. I mean, looking at interest rates now, they haven’t been this high since before the 2007-2008 global financial crisis.


Banks are coming out and calling for a recession…


We’ve also seen CEOs of major companies call for major economic headwinds.

Heck, even Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, said inflation has been eroding consumer wealth, which could lead to a recession.

History may repeat itself, as the real estate market has finally started to catch up to the stock market’s dismal performance.

In late 2022, we started to see real estate prices dip; the housing market could collapse far worse than it did during the housing market bubble of the 2000s.

Home sales have been on a steady decline in 2022…


And home prices have started to drop.


With all this potential for a multiple-asset collapse, you’ll have to make some tough choices…

We’ve already seen the market pull back significantly, with tech stocks leading the rout — and it could continue for years to come. And the potential housing market collapse could send the overall market even lower.

Figuring out whether you want to spend money on clothes, food, and other necessities… or use it for vacations and other luxuries.


With industries weakening, more layoffs are expected, and that can send the markets into a deep recession.

Coupled with rising interest rates and layoffs, it’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to portfolios and savings and checking accounts.

That means you’ll need to beef up all your accounts and figure out a way to make money, despite all the economic headwinds.

If you want to avoid having to make that choice at all… if you want to ensure that you’ve got more than enough money to stay ahead of inflation, rising interest rates, and potential joblessness and fund the retirement of your dreams…

Then you’re going to want to hear about Alpha Options and how a small group of investors have been using them to clean up…

Even while the market swooned – like at the beginning of 2022 – when Americans lost $5 trillion in a matter of months.

How, you ask? It all has to do with capitulation… and the fact that once the selling starts, it can create a snowball effect…

In other words, the selling can cause even more selling pressure…

Causing prices to plunge faster and faster…

And that can destroy your wealth, fast.

I’m not just talking about individual investors like you and me… I’m also talking about giant companies getting crushed.

I mean, BlackRock — the world’s largest asset manager — lost $1.7 trillion in a matter of months in 2022.

Combine that with runaway fear in the market, tech companies implementing hiring freezes, heightened volatility, and a Federal Reserve that can’t control the economy…

This is just the start of the Great Wealth Wipeout of the 2020s.

And if you don’t do anything to protect yourself – starting now – you’ll know whom to blame when you look at your shrinking investment and savings accounts.

That’s why I’m contacting you today…

What if I told you it’s possible to beat inflation, protect your wealth, and even get richer while the rest of the investing world sees their money disappear – just by making a couple of trades a week.


Alpha Options trades.

Before you say you don’t have enough time or money to trade — I want you to keep an open mind and pay attention right now.

The most profitable trades — Alpha Options trades — only take a few minutes of work — and don’t require a ton of money to get started.

Take a look at these recent examples:

These Alpha Options trades happened both when markets were raging and ramping higher and when stocks were pulling back or even plummeting.

So what are Alpha Options?

Alpha Options is the name of Jon Johnson’s trading system that maximizes trading gains in any market.

And it could be your best – and only – defense against the Great Wealth Wipeout of the 2020s.

Here’s a look at what’s possible with Alpha Options, even starting with as little as $5,000:

Today, I’m going to introduce you to the man behind Alpha Options.

And share with you how he consistently produces massive winners with Alpha Options trades and how you can profit along with him.

In just under three years, Jon and his members have banked:

That comes out to more than 30 wins on average per month for the Alpha Options system…

Sure, you might think, “That’s a ton of trades… I don’t have enough time.”

But if you look at the numbers, it comes out to about one trade a day, on average. And with the Alpha Options system, that takes just 5-10 minutes.

That’s it.

Who doesn’t have 5-10 minutes a day to make money?

Especially when you can make huge, fast gains like this:

536.75% return in 22 days on NVDA options


174.85% return in 19 days on Vulcan Materials (VMC) options


442.19% return in 27 days on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) options 


Another 193.67% return on AMD options… this time it only took 8 days


130.06% return in 12 days on Albemarle (ALB) options


You typically don’t see these kinds of astronomical gains when you’re trading stocks, but you can see them a lot with options.

Imagine turning $5,540 into $18,988, like with Jon’s NVIDIA trade above.

Those triple-digit percentage gains can change your life. Plus, they help stop you from worrying about money problems anymore.

Imagine never having to worry about dipping into your savings again… or how high prices are going to climb… or how much anything costs. Why?

Because you’re getting
richer day by day…

With just a few minutes of work… with Alpha Options.

That being said, allow me to introduce the man behind Alpha Options

Jon Johnson

He’s Jon Johnson — a former Texas lawyer turned investor who left the legal world behind and founded Investment House Daily.

He is arguably the most exciting trader in the market today.

And he’s the only one making Alpha Options recommendations.

Jon’s already made a name for himself in the investing and trading world — being featured regularly on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

He’s also been featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Magazine, Bloomberg Business Week, Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine, The Washington Post, The Chicago Sun-Times and many more publications.

Given the state of the market, I want to reveal to you what Alpha Options is all about and why you need one of the most powerful trading options in your arsenal right now.

It’s not only perfect for the current market environment, but also it can deliver mind-boggling returns in bull and bear markets. In other words, Alpha Options can be used in nearly any market environment.

Jon and his traders have been pulling down breathtaking returns throughout the year, even while others watched their portfolios burn.

Most recently, these included:

That’s the power of Alpha Options — it’s possible to generate outsized returns, no matter what the overall market is doing.

The Great Wealth Wipeout of the 2020s doesn’t stand a chance against the Alpha Options system. No one is safe from the potential recession, not even a lot of long-term investors or those on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index — except for those who follow the Alpha Options system.

Better yet, Alpha Options are so easy to use that a middle-schooler could do it.

Plus, it only takes investors a few minutes a week to execute Jon’s trades.

Don’t get me wrong, though — he’s doing all the due diligence behind the scenes… stacking the pros and cons before entering a trade.

Roger Michalski

When I say Jon stacks the pros and cons, here’s what I mean…

He uses chart patterns, technical indicators, money flow measures, economic indicators, options indicators, and much more when deciding what to recommend.

Looking at all these variables, trying to stack more pros than cons for a trade.

For example, if Jon notices one of his favorite bullish patterns – and sees a setup for an upcoming trade – that goes on his “pros” list.

If there’s money flowing into that specific sector, that’s another pro.

Get the idea?

But let’s say one of his options indicators or technical indicators shows it’s not favorable to enter a trade at this time — that’s a con.

The more pros than cons you have for a trade, the better your odds of success.

If that sounds simple, it is

But of course, all the hard work stacking pros and cons is done behind the scenes by Jon and his team. Alpha Options traders don’t have to do any heavy lifting… all they have to do is follow Jon’s simple plans for the trades.

You heard that right. All you have to do is make the recommended trades and follow along.

We’ve seen some exciting opportunities — both on the upside and downside.

Even better, Jon’s also able to uncover large percentage returns with the Alpha Options system even if the stock itself doesn’t move a whole lot.

In other words, if the stock moves, say, a few percentage points in your favor, the options can still move a heck of a lot more than that.

That’s because options use leverage, and that can lead to outsized gains even if the stock moves just a little in your favor.

Better still, you don’t even need the stock to move in your favor to still see explosive returns.

The point is that options provide a lot of leverage and give you the chance at massive profits, even if the stock stays sideways.


Maybe that’s why they’re growing so much in popularity. In fact, we’ve seen a huge uptick in options volume since the pandemic. In 2020 and 2021, more than 10 million new investors tapped into the options market.

People are finally realizing options are a way to get rich FAST, if you know what you’re doing.

Plus, with Alpha Options, you can trade in any environment… bull markets, bear markets… it doesn’t matter.

With a potential recession set to pummel the markets and portfolios, it’s crucial you discover what Alpha Options is all about.

Let me show you how Alpha Options can help you protect your portfolio and generate potentially large returns. The best way I know how is to reveal a couple of Jon’s actual trades… trades that he put his own money behind…

Check this out…

136.46% winner in 14 days on Tractor Supply Company (TSCO) puts, which is a bearish bet 


The pattern here was the bear flag — signaling the stock could drop (and it did).

126.23% winner on NVDA puts in just 12 days — with the same bear flag pattern


In addition, Jon and his traders also pocketed the following wins, all from the same bear flag.

There are dozens of examples of huge Alpha Options wins to share, and I’ll do so in a bit.

But first, it’s important for me to tell you a little bit more about Jon’s system. The more you know, the more you realize what an incredible moneymaker it is.

First of all, in terms of how much time you’ll spend executing Jon’s recommended trades — it only takes a few minutes.

It all seems so simple…

However, what people don’t see is what Jon’s doing behind the scenes… the number of hours he’s spending looking at chart patterns for the best opportunities… and stacking more pros than cons.

It’s a lot of heavy lifting… and he does it so members don’t have to. They can sit back and wait for an alert, and make the recommended trade.

Jon designed this system to be a copy-and-paste trading strategy, so people can just execute and go about their day.

Jon’s spent thousands of hours during his career honing his skills and narrowing down the highest-probability chart patterns.

It’s a mix of science and art when it comes to pattern recognition.

But what’s always true is that a lot of traders follow these patterns, so it almost creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s what I mean… Well, if technical traders spot a bearish pattern, they may look to short the stock… or sell their shares if they already own it.

This adds to the selling pressure, which causes the stock to drop more… which creates even more patterns that signal the stock can collapse… you get the idea.

Does it happen all the time? No, it’s the markets after all.

That’s why Jon also reviews fundamentals when making a trade. He loves to delve deep into the numbers…

That’s how he identifies the hottest companies and sectors… and the weakest.

For the most part, Jon trades the leaders in industries and sectors. You’ll realize some of these companies as household names…

Heck, you probably use services or purchase goods from these companies.


As you can see, these are by no means illiquid penny stocks. You’re only recommended trades on financially sound companies.

But I’m not here to give you a history lesson… I’m here to give you actionable ideas and show you how Alpha Options can help change your trading for the better.

Now, let me break down technical analysis into layman’s terms — so there is no confusion.

Price patterns are simply a result of human psychology, which affects the supply and demand aspects of the market.

That’s what Alpha Options takes advantage of. Pairing technical analysis, supply and demand, and a number of other factors helps generate our outsized returns.

It’s the one key tool you can use to protect your portfolio from the Great Wealth Wipeout.

Don’t just take my word for it

Let me show you examples from real-money trades Jon’s recommended. 

I’m talking about the best ones — the triple-digit percentage returns.

Often, oversized gains like these come from two of Jon’s favorite patterns.

They’re by far the simplest and easiest to understand.

And they generate both bullish and bearish trading opportunities.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to need during the Great Wealth Wipeout of the 2020s.

Here’s the first… you might recognize this pattern from earlier.


A bull flag pattern typically suggests an upward move in price. This pattern often leads to higher highs and higher lows, which means that the price is in an overall uptrend.

If you think about a stock as if it were a runner, it can’t just keep going up and up forever. Like a runner, a stock needs to take breaks after explosive moves… before it continues its trend.

With bull flag setups, Jon uses call options to take advantage of the opportunity.

On the flip side, there’s the bear flag pattern.


A bear flag is a pattern signaling the continuation of the downtrend once a brief pause is over.

As the pattern continues, the bear flag can cause even more selling pressure… driving the price down farther and farther for the stock, commodity, or ETF.

Of course, bull and bear flags aren’t the only two patterns that Jon follows – just a couple of his favorites.

Jon actually has dozens of patterns and setups that he uses for bear, bull, and sideways markets.

Now, here’s how Jon and his traders have used this strategy to make money.

Let’s start with the flag pattern on Nvidia Corp.(NVDA). That blue line is the simple moving average, which acts as a price smoother.

As you can see, Nvidia was in an uptrend and pulled back to a key support area — the blue line.

What that means is there may be demand for the stock there.

Since the stock failed to break below the blue and formed a flag pattern — it was a high-probability trade for Jon and Alpha Options traders.

Now, this uptrend had been developing for months, and once Jon saw the perfect opportunity…


He looked to the options market to express his bullish opinion.

You see, NVDA is an expensive stock — at the time he was trading it, it cost $216.49. If you wanted to purchase 100 shares, it would’ve cost more than $21,000!

However, with the options, you could get a ton of leverage. The specific call options contracts Jon purchased only cost $1,385 per contract. That one contract controls 100 shares of NVDA.

That’s $21,000 versus $1,385 for the same 100 shares.

Now, when you look at the chart and the circled area — according to Jon, that was the perfect time because the stock was breaking out of the bull flag pattern and breaking above that blue horizontal line.

The stock got all the way to $300.33 in just 22 days, a 38.73% gain on shares — which is still a great return.

However, the options trade Jon recommended generated a return of 342.76%.

If you had executed that trade to a T, a $1,385 position could’ve generated as much as $4,747.

Imagine if you had just two contracts, which would’ve cost $2,770… that position could’ve generated a whopping $9,494!

If you had just put in $4,155, the trade could’ve generated as much as $14,241!

That’s the power of Alpha Options

Now, I want to show you one of Jon’s WILDEST trades that happened in one of the craziest markets in recent memory.

A flag pattern formed in Tilray (TLRY) — and Jon and his team did the due diligence on this play.

TLRY had a massive run higher and started to pull back and form a bull flag pattern.

The stock was in a strong uptrend when it stalled a bit — but Jon knew the stock had a high probability of continuing higher.

If you take a look at the chart below, you’ll see the circled area — signaling the stock could break out and run higher.

You’ll notice it looks very similar to the NVDA chart.


So here, too, Jon looked to the options market to express his bullish opinion on the stock.

On Jan. 27, 2021, Jon alerted members about his plans.

Those who followed the trade to a T could’ve generated 317.31%!

That means if you bought 10 contracts, which control 1,000 shares, of the TLRY calls he recommended…

It could’ve netted a whopping $14,440 in profits. That’s the power of Alpha Options, again.

Imagine if you continued to grow your account and take larger position sizes — those profits could’ve been even larger!

That’s what Alpha Options is all about.

Generating exponential returns and beating the market — in nearly any environment — with easy-to-understand recommendations.

With returns like this, you can protect your portfolio, make money, and shield yourself from the Great Wealth Wipeout of the 2020s.

Jon has plenty more patterns and trade alerts to share with you, but they’re only for Investment House Daily members…


Investment House Daily is the only place you’ll find Jon Johnson’s Alpha Options trade recommendations.

Remember, Alpha Options is the system that he’s used to lock in more than 1,300 double- and triple-digit winners over the past two and a half years, including:

Clearly, the system works.

But don’t take my word for it.

Check out what some of Jon’s traders have said about him and his moneymaking abilities:

Made More Money Than Ever!

“Thank you for your great reports. I have made more money than I ever have in the past 15 years of investing.” — E. Thallmayer

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“Since I have signed up for your service, I am making money on every single trade.” — Tom H.

More Money in 2 Months

“I have been with your service for about 2 months. I started out very slow but have gained tremendous confidence in your strategy. It is paying off as my profits in 2 months are greater than my own methods the first 9 months of this year! Just an outstanding track record.” — Jeff B.

The members have spoken – they love Jon’s Alpha Options trades.

By now, you may be thinking… Why can’t I just look for these patterns and then execute the trades?

The truth is, you can.

But good luck.

It’s literally taken Jon DECADES to master trading at this elite level.

I don’t think there is any way the average person on Main Street could make these kinds of profits on their own.

And that’s exactly why Jon created Investment House Daily, his trading education and alert service. 

Unlike other so-called experts, Jon does emphasize the educational aspect of his service – offering videos and audio programs to help you become a smarter, better investor and trader.

In them, Jon teaches traders how to identify high-probability setups… and he’s been teaching trading for years.

Now, what frustrates me the most is the fact that people who learn how to trade often don’t actually make the trades. When it comes to trading, you need to understand the risks involved and have skin in the game…

And if you don’t want to understand all the details of Alpha Options trading, you don’t have to.

Jon designed the system to be extremely simple.

Members receive trade recommendations via email and text messages.

They can make the trades then, or they can access his videos detailing HOW to place the trade and the reasons WHY he believes the trade can be a home run.

It’s that simple… and simplicity pays off for Jon’s subscribers. Here’s what a couple more have to say about Jon and his other services:

“I am a subscriber for over 15 years. The service provides video market commentary and a review of trades and suggested new trades. The commentary is excellent for understanding the market environment and Jon Johnson is an excellent communicator. As a longtime subscriber, it has been a great ride. Investment House is highly recommended. Keep up the great work.” — Randall L.

“It’s exciting and stress relieving at the same time. I am very pleased with the results I’ve seen during the past two months. The best so far of all options trading newsletters that I have subscribed to in several years.” — Charlie R.

“Just a note to thank you for your great and consistent service. As a retail portfolio manager, I find your insights and alerts tremendously valuable. What is clear is that the observations and alerts from Investment House are really quite priceless. They not only point out leading companies to pay attention to but also reference action points that should be respected and elicit action. Thanks again for the good, consistent work.” — Kenneth S.

Those are incredible testimonials.

Now it’s your time to join them making money with Jon Johnson.

Once you become a member of Investment House Daily, here’s what you’ll get…

A couple of times a week, members get our daily pre-market and post-market Hotline videos. They detail the key information needed to actively trade that day.

In addition, you’ll get 24/7 access to our members-only website.

There you’ll find a complete archive of emails and alerts. Plus, you’ll find my complete library of investment reports. The strategies and recommendations in these reports are worth tens of thousands of dollars on their own.

As a new member, you’ll also be invited to Jon’s members-only quarterly teleforums. These online conference calls give you a chance to get Jon’s latest take on the market and your investments.

But that’s not all…

We’re going to do something special and offer a 30-day, RISK-FREE trial of Investment House Daily if you join today.


Check out all of Jon’s Alpha Options recommendations and everything else that comes with your Investment House Daily subscription for a full 30 days.

If you’re not satisfied with the profits or the service, in any way, let us know. You’ll get a swift refund of your entire subscription fee.

Even if you do cancel your subscription, feel free to keep any special reports and stock or options recommendations you received, with our compliments.

Now that you know you can check out Investment House Daily risk-free, what’s that really worth?

Well… the cost for a trading service as successful as Investment House Daily is a very reasonable $3,995.

But right now, you don’t have to pay anything close to that.

As Jon’s publisher, I’ve decided to simply GIVE YOU a $2,500 instant cash discount to make this a no-brainer decision.

That’s no joke: $2,500 right off the top – almost 50%!

We’re hoping everyone will use this money to start making Jon’s trading recommendations right away.

And as you saw, Jon’s trade alerts are among the most exciting and enticing you’re likely to see…

With the $2,500 discount, you’ll pay just $1,495 for a full year of Alpha Options recommendations.

But again, your risk-free 30-day trial makes this a no-brainer decision.

I do have one piece of bad news — we can only accept a small group of new members at this heavily discounted price.

We are only taking in the next 250 new members who subscribe to Investment House Daily.

Once those spots fill up, I’m afraid the price will return to $3,995.

And it could be a long, long time until we offer even these full-priced memberships again.

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So take advantage now, and join these happy Jon Johnson readers:

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Catherine D.R. had this to say:

“I think JJ is absolutely incredible. Really and truly. I’ve worked with his trades for the past months, and he has completely gained my trust. It’s exciting and stress relieving at the same time. It’s taken so long to find someone with this kind of energy. Thank you, Jon!”

With testimonials like this, it’s easy to understand why people will be jumping all over this offer and filling up spots fast.

So make your move now, before it’s too late. 

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Yours for a richer future,

Roger Michalski
Publisher, Investment House Daily