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Stock of the Week

The Simple Strategy for Making Up To 49% Gains a Year!


Hi, Roger Michalski here… 

I’m the publisher of Eagle Financial Publications.

And today I’m going to fill you in on what might be the easiest stock market opportunity you’ve ever come across.

I’m talking about a breakthrough trade that has the potential to unlock a new wave of wealth for you and your family.

It’s a trade that happens once a week.

And it involves buying just one stock every single week. 

No options or cryptocurrencies. Just one stock, once a week, like clockwork.

Jon Johnson, my chief investment strategist, calls this one-step strategy the Stock of the Week trade.

And as simple as this might sound, Jon’s Stock of the Week trade has produced a historic average of 49% gains a year, from 2019 through October 2023.

That’s over 4X more than the long-term market average of 9.9%… and almost 7X more than you can make on a 5% one-year CD.

All from just making one trade a week.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll get Jon’s recommended Stock of the Week trade every Monday…

Then, you stay in it until the stock explodes and Jon tells you to take profits.

That’s it – one trade a week.

You simply buy it when Jon says… and you sell it when Jon says.

It only takes a couple of minutes each week. That’s it.

That’s the simple strategy for averaging 49% gains a year…

Like Jon and his followers did for three straight years.

If you’re already making 30% or more TRADING STOCKS, then by all means, this service isn’t for you.

But if you’re not… and you want to start making real money trading stocks –  NOT OPTIONS…

And you’re smart enough to know that averaging these kinds of gains each and every year is serious money …

Then you’re in the right place.

However, if you’re still on the fence about whether Stock of the Week is right for you, consider this…

The same stock-picking system that serves as the foundation of Stock of the Week has been around for years. 

Jon’s used it since 2019, in his flagship trading service, Investment House Daily.

Since then, this fast-paced stock and options trading service has produced more than 1,343 double- and triple-digit winners.

For the right to use this system, traders have paid as much as $1,995, but as you can see from the comments below, that’s just fine with Jon’s readers…

“I think JJ is absolutely incredible. Really and truly. After working with his trades for the past months… he has completely gained my trust. It’s exciting and stress relieving at the same time. It’s taken so long to find someone with this kind of energy. Thank you Jon!”
~ Catherine D.

“I depend on him everyday and am putting my son through graduate school with the gains I’ve made with Jon.” ~ Philip C.

“I signed up two weeks ago to Investment House Daily, and in three days I made all my money back. I’ve closed four trades in two weeks with an average gain of 53%. This is beyond my expectations! I’ve never seen anyone who has a pulse on the markets the way Jon does – it’s like he has a crystal ball!” ~ Jason D.

“I’m planning on using Johnson’s trading service as my day job to cover life’s expenses for the next few years until full retirement age is achieved vs going back to sit in a cubicle and work for someone else for 50 hours per week.” ~ Greg W.

There are countless more emails and messages from subscribers to Jon’s services, singing his praises.

Despite all the great feedback we get, Jon and I still felt that there aren’t as many people using this super-simple service as there should be.

So, we stripped down Investment House Daily to the bare, money-making, bones…

Instead of offering multiple stock and options trades a week, which can seem like a lot of work (and a lot of risk) to some people…

We decided to offer a new service – one that would only make the best STOCK trade that week – even if Jon had dozens of winners to choose from.

One Stock Trade a Week
– We Can’t Make it Any Easier Than That

Better yet, anyone interested in Jon’s new Stock of the Week trade won’t have to fork out almost $2,000 like others have paid for his services – not even close.

I’ll get to that incredible, two-digit price in a moment, but right now, let me tell you a little about how Stock of the Week works…

To start with, Jon uses a pattern-driven strategy to measure a stock’s buying and selling pressure…

And by doing so, he’s able to identify when a stock is on the cusp of exploding in price… and then lock in consistent wins within a short period of time.

I’m talking 39 days on average.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

There are cases where Jon recommends holding a stock for longer than that 38-day average…

But in those cases, it’s usually because the profits just keep spiraling up.

For example, some of the longest-held stock trades using this system have resulted in MONSTROUS GAINS like 177.54%, 236.62%, 300.91% and 359.47%.

Remember, those gains are on stock trades alone!

Let that sink in.

Most people don’t even make up gains like 177.54%, 236.62%, 300.91% and 359.47% in a year…

It’s that easy.

To be clear, I’d usually never call any type of stock market opportunity easy…

I’ve been in the stock markets over 30 years myself…

In other words, I’ve been involved in the financial markets long enough to know that making money is far from easy…

However, after witnessing Jon’s Stock of the Week trades first-hand…

It’s clear, you don’t need to be an experienced investor to take advantage of Jon’s weekly picks…

You don’t need to spend hours studying charts or reading boring earnings reports on your own…

And you don’t need to use OPTIONS for these types of consistent – sometimes HUGE – gains.

Jon does all the upfront work to find the best Stock of the Week trade…

On your end, all you’ll need to do is read Monday’s alert, click a few buttons to execute Jon’s recommended Stock of the Week trade…

And take profits when he tells you to. 

I don’t know what could be simpler… or more profitable.

To help hammer that point home, here are some of Jon’s current winners:

As great as those gains are, I’ll be the first one to tell you that all investments carry risk, and you should never bet the farm on any play…

Of course, not every win is a triple-digit monster like these, but when gains come every 39 days on average…

…all you need to do is open a small position in each and ride them for quick, consistent profits. Believe me, those gains add up fast. 

And when you’re banking up to 49% gains each year, your life will begin to change.

Perhaps you’ll start with paying off your mortgage or even buying a second home… maybe you’ll purchase that luxury sedan you’ve had your eye on… or even travel the world with your spouse.

That’s the power and potential of Jon Johnson’s Stock of the Week.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Today, the creator of the Stock of the Week trade, Jon Johnson, joins me from his home just outside Austin, Texas.

He’s here to share his remarkable new trading service, and show you how you could start using it today.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce one of Eagle Financial Publications’ best investment advisors: Jon Johnson.

Hello, I’m Jon Johnson, 

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at Investment House Daily, an investment advisory at Eagle Financial Publications where I share my trading ideas, strategies and insights with thousands of readers each week.

I’ve been a trader for over 30 years…

I’ve been a special guest on numerous media investment outlets, including CNBC and Bloomberg TV…

I’ve been featured in prominent publications such as the Washington Post, WSJ, Smart Money, Bloomberg and many other news magazines where I’ve shared my thoughts and ideas on the financial markets…

But in all my years of trading, I’ve never been as excited to talk about a stock market opportunity as I am right now…

Like Roger explained earlier…

My Stock of the Week trading strategy is simple.

It involves buying a single stock every week and selling it once it explodes in price.

Now, you might be wondering…

How do I know what stock will produce explosive gains in any given week?

Well, it all comes down to my unique perspective on the stock market.

You see, I’m not your typical trader.

I don’t care about a company’s earnings reports…

I don’t care how a company generates its revenue…

And I don’t care about the team or the individuals behind a company…

What I do care about, however, are two simple but crucial factors that the majority of traders overlook.

I’m talking about a stock’s buying pressure and selling pressure.

These two factors are the only things I need to look at to know the direction in which a stock is about to go.

When you use that data like I do, it’s pretty much the closest thing you can have to a crystal ball in the stock market.

By measuring the buying and selling pressure of any given stock, I’m able to determine when a stock is about to skyrocket…

As well as when a stock is about to experience a dip.

How Buying and Selling Pressure Work

Take a moment to imagine a game of tug-of-war, with two teams pulling at both ends of a rope.

We’ll call the first team Team A and the second team Team B.

Let’s assume that Team A is made up of ten members while Team B has just five members on their side…

Who do you think would win the tug-of-war?

The clear answer is Team A

Because tug-of-war is a game of strength… (As an aside, it is physics – but who cares?)

And a team of ten people is stronger than a team of just five people…

After all, there’s strength in numbers.

That’s Pretty Much How
the Stock Market Works

The stock market is one big game of tug-of-war…

Individual stocks represent the rope…

And the two teams on both ends of the rope represent the buyers and sellers of any given individual stock. 

At the beginning, there are no buyers, just holders wishing they could be sellers. So the tug-of-war rope just lies there. 

At some point, however, buyers start showing up… taking their positions… testing the rope. You can see this preparation, if you know what to look for.

When it does start, the buyers buy and the sellers sell – which undercuts the buying pressure. So it looks like the stock goes nowhere. 

The buyers, however, keep the pressure on the rope.

That way, when the sellers are all done selling, the continuous buying pressure sends the stock  skyrocketing.

And in a similar vein, when a stock has more sellers than buyers it plummets… because the pressure from the sellers outweighs the pressure from the buyers.

If you can identify early the stocks with the most buying pressure, and be ready and in position to get into them as they make that break higher…

That is when you can make huge gains.

It doesn’t matter what the fundamentals of a stock are… it doesn’t matter what the company sells… it doesn’t matter who is in charge…

Just what the buying and selling pressure is…

If a large amount of money piles into a stock, the pressure from all the investors buying into the market will FORCE the price higher no matter what the alleged “fundamentals” might be. 

How many times have you heard someone tout a stock as a great company whose stock price should reflect that greatness, yet the stock just languishes? It could be a great company, but if no one wants to buy it, it just lies there like the rope.

Buying Pressure Is The Key

Just like how a team can win a game of tug-of-war by having more members, a stock produces huge gains by having lots of money flowing into it.

That is why the price of some commodities, such as gold or oil, can often continue rising even when the fundamentals of supply and demand suggest they “should fall!”

And the reverse is true as well. 

If investors panic and start selling a stock or a commodity with no buying pressure on the other side of the rope to step up with bids, then the price will plummet.

And that’s when you can make a fortune very, very quickly, as a stock slides

We won’t do it by shorting shares. Instead, we’ll tap into investments specifically created to make money at times like these, such as downside-oriented (or inverse) ETFs.

The key is that winning on the downside is just as easy as winning as shares rise, when you look at buying and selling pressure.

This strategy is the backbone of every successful trade I’ve ever made – and believe me, I’ve made thousands of them.

In the past seven years alone, I’ve closed over 1,343 double- and triple- digit winners on stocks and options including:

These winners are primarily thanks to my ability to actually see and measure a stock’s buying and selling pressure.

I use a series of technical patterns and other indicators to analyze the pressure… the tug-of-war between the buyers and the sellers.

That way, I know what stocks are primed to go up or down…

I could get into the specific technical patterns here, but that would take hours…

Plus, I know more traders are interested in profits than in the nuts and bolts of my system.

That’s why I do all the work for you in my Stock of the Week.

It’s the key to successfully trading the market, without options.

Using this strategy is how my followers and I have been winning for years…

That’s how we racked up 1,343 double- and triple-digit gains over the years…

And that’s how you can start making money today with me.

That’s it, then. I’m going to throw this back to Roger, so he can tell you how you can join us and start using my Stock of the Week strategy today.

Thanks Jon.

It all starts with a risk-free trial of Jon Johnson’s new investment advisory service, Stock of the Week.

Here’s a quick summary of the members-only benefits you’ll receive as a subscriber to Stock of the Week:

So, how much is a year’s membership to Stock of the Week?

Well, when you consider that others have paid as much as $1,995 a year for the engine driving Stock of the Week trades, this service is easily worth almost two grand.

But that’s not even close to what you’ll pay if you join Jon today.

Regularly, we’re going to ask people to pay $249 for Stock of the Week.

But, because you’re a part of this first-time, Charter Member offer, you can get an entire year of Jon Johnson’s Stock of the Week trades for just $77.

That’s almost 70% off the price of $249 we’ll regularly charge… and a ridiculous 96% discount over what others have paid for Jon’s advice.

Really, you can’t get even ONE new tire for your car for just $77!

But today, for just $77, you’ll get to use the market’s simplest way to make money: Stock of the Week.

That’s an entire year of the system that averaged 49% gains ON STOCKS ALONE for its members for three years…

Imagine making up to 49% on your money, year in and year out.

And doing it at a fraction of the price that others have paid for the same system.

That’s what you can do with your Charter Member offer to join Stock of the Week.

However, you need to know this as well.

We can’t offer this $77 price for Stock of the Week for much longer. This is a special Charter Member price.

So please act now to lock in this huge discount and become one of the first to join this new service.

The next step is up to you.

Will you join us using a system that averaged 49% annually from stocks alone?

Or will you spend the next year watching others get rich?

Seems like a pretty easy decision to me.

To make the smart, easy choice, and join Jon Johnson’s Stock of the Week, just click the button below now.

Make this the year you change your life.

Start that change today by becoming a Stock of the Week member.

Thank you for listening,

Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications