Invitation-Only Income Master Class:

The Secret Market That Pays Weekly Dividends

You decide whether to make hundreds or thousands with each payout.


Dear Fellow Investor,

Forget about dividend investing or covered calls!

There is a way to collect regular, weekly cash windfalls in the markets.

… and it doesn’t involve investing in penny stocks, wacky insurance schemes or taking big risks on option plays.

What’s more, this money-making secret lets you potentially bank hundreds –even THOUSANDS– of dollars every week on average.

Imagine Averaging Dividend Yields of
4.83% Paid Every Week!

You see, for most people, cash payments from dividend-paying stocks come only once a quarter…

Worse, right now, S&P 500 stocks are averaging a measly 1.27% yield…

But for me, that’s not nearly enough income – and not nearly enough payouts!

That’s why, over the past 16 years, I’ve been banking thousands of dollars almost every week with a stock market secret I call weekly dividends.

These weekly dividends have averaged 4.83% – which is nearly TRIPLE what regular dividend stocks pay over an entire year!

Plus they’ve sometimes gone as high as 24%.

On an annualized basis, even 4.83% per week works out to 155 times more money than the 1.27% yield the average S&P 500 dividend stock pays.

Let me show you how it works…

Take Peabody Energy Corp….

In October 2023, you could have grabbed a $645 weekly dividend from this company. All you had to do was invest $5,000 for a little over a week.

Nine days later, you would have banked a whopping “yield” of 12.9%…

In just nine days, not a whole year.   

And once you collected the cash, the money would have been yours to keep no matter what happened to the stock price of Peabody Energy Corp..

I’m not kidding, either…

The stock could have tanked to ZERO, and it wouldn’t have mattered one bit.

By taking advantage of the weekly dividend, you would have collected the $645 in just over one week…

The money would have been yours to spend as you wish.

And Peabody Energy Corp. isn’t the only company from which you can collect a weekly dividend right now…

There are opportunities to bank extra cash from many of America’s best-known companies — from the biggest blue chips to the smallest startups.

For example, so far in 2023 you could have collected…

Keep in mind this has NOTHING to do with standard dividends… royalties… or interest payments. 

And it doesn’t involve bonds, insurance, IPOs or anything complicated.

Instead, it’s just a simple 60-second stock transaction.

And you can do this from anywhere — any day the stock market is open — no matter what your income or investing experience may be.

You just log in to your ordinary brokerage account on your computer.  Tap a few keys on your keyboard. 

Then sit back and potentially bank hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars in just a few days or weeks.

And don’t take my word for it alone… 

Here’s what people who are ALREADY taking advantage of similar opportunities have to say:

Now, if you haven’t heard about “weekly dividends” before, it’s not your fault.

This little-known moneymaking secret is not advertised in the mainstream media.

There is very little information about it on the Internet. 

And the government doesn’t help you find out about it, either.

Yet These Weekly Dividends Can Add Up to a Nice Second Income!

Look at it this way: 

If you collect just ONE average weekly dividend each week… say, $483 (4.8%) on a $10,000 investment – that adds up to an extra $25,116 a year.

If you collect TWO each week, that would add up to $50,232!

That’s why I consider weekly dividends to be one of the best income-generating and wealth-building secrets out there.

Weekly dividends can:

Now in a moment, I’ll reveal HOW you can begin collecting these weekly cash windfalls right away.

But first, let me briefly explain why weekly dividends could be perfect for the uncertain times we live in.

Weekly Dividends Can Be SAFER Than Traditional Dividends

On August 30, 2023, the American company Peabody Energy Corporation (BTU) paid a standard dividend to shareholders…

Those who owned stock in the company collected a dividend of $0.075 per share.

It represented an annual yield of 0.6%.   

But here’s the problem: To collect that full 0.6% yield per year, you’d have to OWN those shares of Peabody Energy for an entire year.

At $25 a share, if you bought 100 shares, that would tie up $2,500 of your investment capital for that whole time.

And anything could happen while your money is tied up: there could be a war or another crash, or Peabody Energy could even go bankrupt.

That’s a pretty big risk when you consider you’d make just $14.89 in income for the whole year.

Yet what if you could sidestep all that and collect a weekly dividend on U.S. Steel instead?

With the secret I’m talking about, in 2023 you could have collected the equivalent “yield” of 129% on Peabody Energy…

Or 21.5 times what Peabody Energy paid through its regular dividend!

Yet you would have collected it in just nine days, not a whole year.

Instead of being content with a paltry $14.89 for an entire year …. you could have collected a weekly dividend in the amount of $322.50 on that initial $2,500 investment. 

Plus, after the $322.50 hit your account, your initial capital would have been instantly freed up to invest in and collect MORE weekly dividends…

And not tied up in a risky stock for an entire year.

On an annualized basis, that 12.9% nine-day gain would be the equivalent of 372% per year!

Now, I’m not saying we’re going to hit that big, that fast, every time with weekly dividends, but I can tell you this…

You can get weekly dividends like this on any day the markets are open!

Why I Gave Up Law to
Make Money Trading Stocks

Before I get too far ahead of things here, let me quickly introduce myself.

I’m Jon Johnson, founder and chief investment analyst for Investment House. Maybe you’ve heard of me.

I’m a full-time professional trader, based deep in the heart of Texas.

I trade stocks and options for a living, and I’m very good at it.

I used to practice law, but now I regularly appear on media outlets such as CNBC-TV and Bloomberg TV…

And my trading methods have been featured in articles in The Washington Post, The Chicago Sun, The Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Magazine, Bloomberg, Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine, Business Week, Money Magazine and many other publications.

I also travel around the country speaking at conferences, such as the MoneyShow and TradersExpo.

I’m telling you all this not to brag but so you’ll take seriously what I am about to reveal to you.

Imagine Making a Profit Virtually

Every Week From Your Stock Investments

There are many ways to make money investing, but they all boil down to two basic strategies: “swing for the fences” and “get on base.”

I practice BOTH. I know both. And I’m good at both.

The “swing for the fences” approach typically uses options.  You can make gains of 200% to 1,000% on any one trade. 

The problem is, for every home run, you have at least one strike-out, sometimes two, sometimes even more. (Sorry for the baseball metaphors, but they work.)

The second strategy, what I like to call weekly dividends, is to get on base no matter what, investing small amounts in ordinary stocks, not options. 

In this case, you DON’T swing for the fences.  Just the opposite. 

That is, you just try to get to first base. 

In baseball, that includes hitting a single, being walked, getting hit by a pitch – whatever it takes.

Because, every time you do, you can average 4.83%.

When you have a win rate of 81.1%, those small “on base” wins add up fast.

Now, BOTH of these strategies can work. 

And, when done right, both can be enormously profitable.

And both strategies don’t require a lot of upfront cash with which to get started.

However, the advantage of the “get on base” strategy is that it can be much safer during periods of global chaos or economic uncertainty like we’ve seen recently. 

You can generate extra income AND multiply your net worth.

All you have to do is make small profits on each trade. 

I’m About to Reveal How to Collect Weekly Dividends of 4.83% or More

Now, I’m about to release an online investing “Master Class” for just 100 participants.

In it, I reveal my hugely successful weekly dividend system to that small group. Remember, this system has a documented “win” rate of 81.1% on all trades. 

What’s more, the annualized returns on all closed positions is currently 75.47% and has been even higher in the past.

That represents:

I know it sounds incredible, but…

Here Are the Actual Recommendations

Now, every one of these trades was a REAL weekly dividend recommendation.

There is nothing hypothetical or back-tested about any of this.

Let’s take a closer look…

Here are some of the closed trades we made in 2022 with my weekly dividend system:

Now, there are THREE things you should notice about these trades.

The first thing to notice is that the “yields” were generally higher than what you would get with most S&P 500 stocks, with one as high as 14.58%.

If you had invested, say, $3,000 in each of these trades, then the gains would have been an average of $172 per trade, including the losers. In this block of trades, that added up to $10,233.46, including the one loser.

The second thing to notice is that the profits came pretty quickly, often in a day or two but sometimes requireing weeks or even a month.

And the third thing to notice is the win rate: In this stretch, it was 96.4%, which is higher than the average 81.1% but not that unusual.

For all of 2022, we had a total of 48 trades initiated and closed. 

Of those, 41 were winners with an average gain of 4.51% — and just seven were losers.

That’s a win rate of 85.4%!

The bottom line is that this is the real deal! 

When your goal is just to get on base, and not hit a home run each time, your success rate can be sky high. 

The Secret to Making Small Gains
Consistently With Stocks

So, how do we do it? 

Well, we use what are called “setups,” proven price patterns that reveal the underlying buying and selling pressures of stocks or commodities.

These setups have a variety of names you may have heard about – Cup and Handle, Double Bottom, Ascending Triangle, Bollinger Band Breakouts, and so on.

Now, what we’re trying to do is use the setups or price patterns to spot “breakouts,” sharp movements up or down, above or below a trendline. 

For purposes of illustration, I use a variation of the Moving Average (MA) indicator to demonstrate how we identify these movements up or down.

If a stock’s share price dips below the MA… and THEN makes a sharp move back above the MA…

There is a very good chance that this move will continue in the short term.

And a very good chance it’ll pay out the next weekly dividend.

Let me give you a few examples:

On March 7, 2022, as the war in Ukraine was raging, we saw that a stock called Diana Shipping (DSX) was making a sharp breakout to the upside after having dipped below its Moving Average. 

(In the chart, I circled in red the places where the price moves below and then above the moving average.)

We bought at $5.26 a share and sold it the next day at $5.54 a share for a quick profit of 5.32% in a single day.

On an annualized basis, that’s the equivalent of 1,941%.

A very typical trade.

Here’s another one, also in early March of 2022:

Fluor Corp. (FLR) shares dropped below their MA on March 1 but then jumped back above the same average the very next day – a sign of a breakout.

We recommended BUYING Fluor at $22.29 per share.

The stock kept rising higher and higher, and the next day we took profits when they hit $23.29 a share, for a buck profit.

That represented another quick win of 4.49% in a single day.

Here’s another example, but this time for a bigger profit than usual.

It was for a stock called Lightbridge Corp. (LTBR) 

The stock dipped below its moving average on February 16, 2022, bounced back up a little, and then moved back below the average the next day.

It stayed trending downward for the next week or so. 

But then, on February 24, it made a sharp move back upward and continued moving upward – another “breakout.”

On February 28, we recommended buying the stock at $7.38 per share.

The stock kept shooting sharply upward the next day until we recommended taking profits when it hit $8.56 per share.

That was a gain of 15.99% in just one day.  Not bad!

Not Day Traders – Although We Sometimes Take Profits in One Day

Now, this may give you the wrong impression that we’re day traders, which we’re not. 

Like day traders, we use technical analysis and price patterns to capture quick profits, but we typically look at moves over a few days or a few weeks, not just a single trading session. 

That way, you don’t have to be a full-time trader to do these trades. 

You can go about your business or work at a job and only make a trade once or twice a week.

Here are a few more typical examples of trades that play out over a few days or weeks:

In late November of 2021, Silicon Motion Technology Corp (SIMO) dropped below its Moving Average not once but twice, forming what traders call a Double Bottom. 

When it then made a breakout above its MA – and skyrocketed straight up – we knew we had a trade.

We recommended buying SIMO when it hit $85.63 a share on December 14, and then we took profits a week later, on December 21, when it hit $91.75 a share.

That was a net gain of 7.15% in just 5 days.

That was more typical.

Here’s another trade that unfolded in about a week: Freeport-Mcmoran (FCX).

Like SIMO, Freeport-Mcmoran fell below its MA in mid-December and again formed a Double Bottom before shooting upward on December 20, 2021. 

We recommended that people follow my weekly dividend system and buy FCX at $39.16 a share.

Just six days later, we recommended selling when it was at $41.32.

Again, that may sound like a small move but it was a tidy 5.52% in just six days.

In fact, that was what we did all last fall… over and over again.

Here’s another list of trades we made in 2021 with my weekly dividend system.  

The Silicon Technology Corp and Freeport-Mcmoran examples you just saw are highlighted below…

As you can see, we had ZERO losers in this period. 

Yogi Berra put it best with: “It’s déjà vu all over again.”!

COVID-19 was still raging. 

The S&P 500 was bouncing up and down like a yo-yo. 

Yet we just kept making money, slowly but surely, over and over again.

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Now, I know what you may be thinking: 

Sounds good, Jon. But what about when the market is REALLY tanking – for example, like in 2023 when the market kept bouncing up and down like a Yo-Yo?

Glad you asked! 

The fact is, we often do even BETTER in times of crisis than we do when everything is hunky-dory.

We had a ton of winners throughout 2023 and especially when the market was extra-volatile.

Take a look:

As you can see, it was the same thing again…

In this five-month period, we had a couple big winners of 22.9% and 24.75%…

We also had one trade we closed out after 114 days – and three losers…

But overall, 2023 has been an amazing year – even though it saw tremendous volatility and a sharp downturn beginning in August.

Assuming you had invested $3,000 in each trade, you could have potentially banked an average “weekly dividend” of $165 on each of 74 trades between January 1 and the end of September 2023.

That would have added up to an extra $1,359 a month, had you invested $3,000 per trade… or an extra $2,719 per month trading $6,000 per trade.,  

The fact is, the ”weekly dividend” system I use makes money in pretty much any economic condition. 

That’s because there are always stocks making sharp breakouts even in the worst of times – and we’re able to identify and profit from them over and over again.

And it can be a safer way to invest because you have less of your capital at risk in the stock market.

Plus, It Doesn’t Take a Lot of
Cash to Invest This Way

Now, let’s talk about the practicalities. 

When we want to collect a “weekly dividend,” we try to only select stocks under $75 per share. 

We’ve found that’s the sweet spot when it comes to identifying breakouts in stocks.

Moreover, we typically invest in about seven stocks per month or about 1.5 per week. Sometimes we invest in 2 or 3 in one week and some weeks, none at all.  But it works out to around 7 picks per month.

If you invest only $1,000 per trade, and we average seven picks per month, that’s only $7,000.

If you invest only $500 per trade, you can make every single one of our recommendations in a given month for only $3,500 total.

Of course, if you have more to invest, you can also invest more per trade as well — $3,000 or even $6,000 – and your monthly profits could be proportionately higher as well.

It’s a great way to get started, learn the weekly dividend system, and gradually build up confidence as you pocket win after win after win.

And you’re able to generate EXTRA CASH INCOME as you go!

Before you know it, you may be switching money out of underperforming mutual funds or dividend stocks into the brokerage account you use for trading like this.

Then the “weekly dividends” and the income REALLY start to add up….

Now, here’s the point of this message:

We’ve Made a Great Trading
System Even BETTER!

I’ve been refining my weekly dividend system for years. 

One of the disadvantages of the OLD system was that we held on to the tiny handful of losing plays too long, sometimes for years, until they reversed.

And that was a mistake.

For well-heeled traders, it was okay because most of the time losing picks rallied and then eventually made money. 

But it tied up capital that could have been deployed in other picks – and that hurts smaller investors.

As a result, two years ago I decided to launch a brand-new service that uses the same weekly dividend system but makes it even better! 

I designed it specifically for regular stock investors, not super-rich traders.

And it’s perfect for investors who want extra cash income on a regular basis!

Unlike other services that have used my weekly dividend system, this all-new service uses a strict stop-loss protocol to eliminate the handful of losing trades quickly.

This new, improved service is called Rapid Profits Stock Trader because that is precisely what it provides: rapid profits.

Rapid Profits Stock Trader is unlike any stock picking advisory out there. 

It’s the only one that uses my proprietary weekly dividends system… incorporates robust stop-loss procedures… and is designed for average investors with smaller accounts.

As I mentioned earlier, you can make these trades with as little as $500, and follow the entire system with $5,000 or less.

There are NOT that many technical trading services out there that can do this.

Once you learn just how easy it is to collect weekly dividends on a regular basis, you’ll gain confidence.  

You’ll see what it’s like to bank extra cash week after week.

After starting with a smaller account, you may start adding money into these trades, as you watch the value of your portfolio grow bigger and your income increase each month.

A Video Master Class on Making Rapid Profits on Stocks

To kick off our NEW Rapid Profits Stock Trader service, I prepared a video training – a master class in weekly dividends — that will walk you through my entire system. 

During this easy online training session, I revealed:

This Rapid Profits Stock Trader master class could cost up to $5,000 if I taught it to a group of people in a LIVE seminar boot camp.

But you won’t be paying anything close to $5,000 for access. That’s because I will give you the entire video training FREE.

And that’s just the beginning!

Once you sign up for the video master class…

You Also Get a 12-Month Wealth-Building and Income-Generating Program Like No Other

The fact is, my Rapid Profits Stock Trader service is NOT just about stocks.

It’s a comprehensive service for boosting your income and building wealth with a track record of success that is difficult to beat.

You know the old saying about teaching someone how to fish?

Well, what we’re offering is something far more valuable than that: an easy way to average hundreds, even THOUSANDS of extra dollars, every week in almost any economic environment!

Just in the first months of 2023, you could banked weekly dividends like these:

In other words, Rapid Profits Stock Trader is your go-to resource to locate the very best short-term trading opportunities in stocks with a success rate of better than 81%.

What You Get When You Accept a Charter Subscription to Rapid Profits Stock Trader

Once you join us as a Charter Member, you just enter the trades every week on your computer or by calling your broker. Then you sit back and wait for the profits!

With each trade, you receive explicit instructions for the price to pay and the recommended stop-loss.

And even if you’ve never traded stocks before, the instructions are simple to follow once we show you how.

In other words, Rapid Profits Stock Trader hands you moneymaking opportunities on a silver platter.

And we don’t stop there.

Charter Members also get:

Opportunities to Make Extra Cash Every Week: With an average of 1.5 trades per week, and a documented average win rate of 81.1%, the odds are good that you could make money. 

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, of course, but banking 4.83% average gains every week adds up fast. 

Regular Trading Flash Alerts:  This is the heart of the program, rapid-fire trading alerts sent once or twice per week on average (sometimes more often). 

The alerts are sent directly to your email inbox and, if you wish, to your mobile phone, with all of the details you need to rapid profits trading stocks. 

They come in two forms: a brief summary line with all the details you need… and sometimes longer explanations in text or video format.

Stop-Loss Parameters: We now offer recommended stop-loss orders for each trade, so, in the unlikely event that a recommendation goes against us, we get out fast and limit the size of our loss.

Complete Recommended Portfolio: You gain instant access to ALL of our current positions, with specific buy and sell instructions for each.  This gives you instant access to potentially dozens of profitable trades.

Ongoing Video Briefings: When you subscribe, you get access to my ongoing video briefings that show you precisely how to make our trades and grow your wealth.  These extra video briefings are in addition to the Webinar master class for new subscribers.

Quarterly Members-Only Teleforums: Every quarter, you’ll join me and fellow Rapid Profits Stock Trader members on a live conference call. Here, I’ll update you on the markets and our recommended trades. I also take time to answer member questions during this interactive hour.

Plus Access to a Live
Human “Coach” When You Need It!

His name is Grant Linhares, and he’s an experienced stock trader with nearly 20 years under his belt helping investors just like you.  

He’s available 9am to 5pm ET Monday through Friday. You can call him at 202-677-4492.  

We do everything humanly possible to help you collect extra cash with weekly dividends, beginning next week!

What’s more, I have a special offer you will NOT want to miss:

Get an Instant $1,000 GRANT!
Save 50% off the Regular Price

Now, you may be thinking that a trading system with a documented success rate of 81.1% must cost a pretty penny, even thousands of dollars.

And you’d be right: it usually does!

à regular subscription just to Rapid Profits Stock Trader is $1,995 – and, given the track record and regular profits we’ve just talked about, that’s actually a spectacular bargain.

Yet you don’t have to pay anything close to that!

Because this is a brand-new service based on my improved weekly dividend system.

My publisher Eagle Financial Publications, is offering a $1,000 instant cash GRANT for BOTH the video master class AND for a full year of weekly dividend trading alerts.

That means for a limited time you can get access to the master class training AND an entire year of Rapid Profits Stock Trader for only $995.

That works out to just $2.72 a day, less than the cost of a latte.

It’s an incredible deal when you consider that some people can make back the cost of the subscription in a single week!

And Now for the Bad News:
This Isn’t for Everyone!

Now, to really benefit from my Rapid Profits Stock Trader, you should meet at least three qualifications:

  1. You should be committed to banking extra cash windfalls through WEEKLY trading. This is NOT a buy-and-hold service.  We try to bag rapid profits – in a week or two – and then move on. 
  2. You should be willing to stick with it for an entire year. Most individual trades are closed out in 26 days on average, although many are closed in just a few days.  But our goal is to generate consistent cash week after week.  As a result, we want investors who will follow our recommendations for an entire year. 
  3. You should have at least a couple thousand dollars to start with. We average 1.5 trades per week, and a portfolio of about 7 trades at any one time.  So, if you invest just $500 per trade, that is only $3,500 to get started.  

The bottom line is, I only want to train investors who are serious about generating significant extra income over the course of a full year.   

Limited to Just 100 Traders to Start

For that reason, Rapid Profits Stock Trader is limited to just 100 subscribers to start with – and there is NO REFUND.

We’re willing to hand out $1,000 cash grants to train the next generation of weekly dividend investors, but in return, we want people who will stick with the program.

However, we’re willing to give you something as an extra incentive to stay the course: 

If you don’t bank AT LEAST 52 winners in the coming 12 months – one for each week on average – we’ll give you an extra year of Rapid Profits Stock Trader FREE.

That’s a $1,995 value on top of the $1,000 cash grant.

That’s a big promise, but it’s one we know we can make: 52 winning trades, one per week on average.

The Best Way to Make Extra Income

Bottom line:  If you want to bank AT LEAST 52 of these “weekly dividends”… and potentially put hundreds, even THOUSANDS of extra dollars in your account each week… then Rapid Profits Stock Trader is what you need.

The system it’s based on has a documented success rate of 81.1% on all closed trades.

That means you might go MONTHS before you see a losing trade.

Bottom line:  My staff and I provide you with everything you need to collect eye-popping weekly dividends on a consistent basis, including:

So, I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity right now.  It probably won’t last for long.

If you act fast, you can be one of 100 investors who can collect an instant cash Grant of $1,000… and begin banking weekly dividends for just $995.  

I fully expect that you will make that modest investment back with your first 2 or 3 weekly dividend recommendations, depending on how much you invest.

In just the past few weeks, you could have banked…

That is what Rapid Profits Stock Trader can do for you. 

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To your future prosperity,

Jon Johnson
Editor, Rapid Profits Stock Trader