“In-The-Know” Investors Are Making 84.82% Annualized
Gains In This Market By Buying

“Stretched Stocks”

 A Rarely Talked About Class Of Stocks That Historically Yields 
Profits In Bull And Bear Markets 


If you think the current market conditions are hard to navigate… 

Then you’re going to be green with envy when you learn about the small group of investors that have been making money hand-over-fist with Stretched Stocks.

That’s right, even in these uncertain conditions… some folks are still making bank, without trading options, shorting stocks or doing anything complicated.

All they’re doing is opening up their brokerage accounts and buying up Stretched Stocks – a special class of stocks that historically yield profits in both bull and bear markets…

Right now, YTD for 2023, these stocks are averaging 101.30% annualized gains…

I know that sounds too good to be true, but when you see “how” Stretched Stocks work, you’ll know it’s true.

I’ll explain how in just a moment…

I’ll also explain why you’ve never heard of them…

But the crux of things is, by buying and holding these Stretched Stocks for 14 days… 6 days… and even as fast as 1 day each, investors are growing their nest eggs despite the current market conditions…

It’s no wonder why Warren Buffet’s firm, Berkshire Hathaway bought up $51 Billion worth of Stretched Stocks towards the end of 2022 – because the firm knows how much upside is on the table with these stocks…

Benjamin Graham, who taught Warren Buffet nearly everything he knows about investing, also silently built a career off of buying Stretched Stocks…

He bought and sold Stretched Stocks between 1936-1956 and by doing so, he managed to outperform the market by roughly 90% within that 20-year window…

I’ve personally also made a ton of money with Stretched Stocks…

And today, I’m going to pull the curtain back on these stocks…

I’ll show you all the Stretched Stocks I personally bought and sold in 2022 and the percentage gains they made me. There are 49 in total.

And why focus on 2022? 

We all know it’s much easier to make money in a bull market, but to pull off big gains in a bear market… well that’s something to sit up and take notice of.

I’ll also give you an easy-to-understand breakdown of how they these Stretched Stocks work…

I’ll even fill you in on how you can buy them with a regular brokerage account…

But before I do, I’d like to make something clear about Stretched Stocks…

You see, Stretched Stocks aren’t exactly new…

They’ve been around for decades…

Heck, they’re even sitting in a corner of your brokerage account as we speak… available to be bought up like any regular stock.

In fact, like I said earlier, the legendary Benjamin Graham built his career off them roughly 80 years ago…

But while they’ve been around for a while… they’re just one of those things people “in-the-know” rarely talk about…

And as a result, the vast majority of folks have no clue they exist…

To my knowledge, this may be the first time that anybody is taking the time to release detailed information about Stretched Stocks to the public…

So if you’ve been confused about how to grow your portfolio under these weird market conditions…

Then I implore you to read every sentence on this page carefully…

Because by the end of this page, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to start making profits in both bull and bear markets by simply buying and selling Stretched Stocks.

What Are Stretched Stocks?

Stretched Stocks are simply stocks that have been stretched to their limit…

Or in more plain terms… they’re stocks that have been oversold or trading far below their actual value.

Allow me to explain.

You see, stocks are kind of like rubber bands.

If you pull a rubber band far enough in one direction, it’ll eventually reach its limit and snap to the opposite direction…

And in the same manner…

If a stock falls too far in one direction… it’ll eventually hit its “limit” and “snap” in the opposite direction…

In other words, Stretched Stocks are just stocks that are on the verge of snapping to the upside after a sharp decline…

And if you know how to identify when a stock has stretched to its limit… you’ll be able to make profits when it moves up… regardless of what’s going on in the broader market.

Why Are These Stretched Stocks Profitable In Any Market Condition?

Most investing strategies only work when the market moves in one particular direction…

However, Stretched Stocks yield profits in both bull and bear markets…

That’s because like I said earlier, Stretched Stocks are simply oversold stocks…

And stocks can get oversold in both bull and bear markets…

This can happen because even during a bull market, individual stocks can experience sharp declines due to factors like negative news, earnings disappointments, or sector-specific events, causing them to become oversold temporarily…

Meaning, If you know how to identify when a stock is oversold, you’ll always be able to make profits in any market condition…

I’m talking about profits like…

For instance, in 2022, while the market was declining, I personally identified 49 stocks that appeared to be on the verge of snapping to the upside after crashing…

And by just buying and selling these stocks one after the other…

I ended the year with a 84.82% annualized gain…

That’s while the S&P produced a -20% return for the year by the way.

Take a look for yourself below:

CLOSED STOCKS            
Buy Date Ticker Stock  Sell Date  Buy Price  Sell Price   Total Return
4/26/2022 KOS Kosmos Energy Ltd. 5/5/2022 $6.72 $7.08 5.28%
5/13/2022 WTI W&T Offshore, Inc. 5/16/2022 $5.32 $5.77 8.46%
5/3/2022 EQT EQT Inc. 5/23/2022 $41.59 $43.97 5.72%
5/16/2022 MRO Marathon Oil Corporation 5/25/2022 $27.72 $28.95 4.44%
5/23/2022 WTI W&T Offshore, Inc. 5/25/2022 $5.85 $6.28 7.35%
5/23/2022 SWN Southwestern Energy Company 5/25/2022 $7.52 $8.38 11.44%
5/16/2022 HST Host Hotels and Resorts Inc. 5/27/2022 $20.23 $20.36 0.64%
5/16/2022 FLR Fluor Corp 6/1/2022 $27.61 $27.78 0.62%
6/2/2022 TEX Terex Corporation 6/9/2022 $35.87 $36.36 1.37%
6/7/2022 MRO Marathon Oil Corporation 6/16/2022 $32.04 $25.62 -20.04%
7/5/2022 FROG JFrog Ltd 7/7/2022 $22.29 $23.34 4.71%
7/20/2022 PLTR Palantir Technologies Inc. 7/21/2022 $9.72 $10.54 8.44%
7/20/2022 BLNK Blink Charging Co 7/21/2022 $18.60 $19.95 7.26%
7/19/2022 PBT Permian Basin Royalty Trust 7/22/2022 $17.34 $17.88 3.11%
7/27/2022 OMER Omeros Corporation 7/29/2022 $4.32 $4.95 14.58%
7/28/2022 MRVL Marvell Technology Inc. 8/3/2022 $53.90 $56.91 5.58%
8/3/2022 CRK Comstock Resources Inc. 8/16/2022 $16.69 $17.92 7.37%
8/11/2022 SWN Southwestern Energy Company 8/23/2022 $7.50 $8.12 8.27%
8/18/2022 MUR Murphy Oil Corporation 8/23/2022 $35.85 $38.70 7.95%
8/18/2022 KOS Kosmos Energy Ltd. 8/25/2022 $6.65 $7.21 8.42%
8/9/2022 UEC Uranium Energy Corp. 8/31/2022 $4.33 $4.64 7.16%
8/23/2022 GERN Geron Corporation 8/31/2022 $2.29 $2.51 9.61%
8/8/2022 NAT Nordic American Tanker Ltd 9/8/2022 $2.66 $3.03 13.91%
7/11/2022 TWM ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF 9/26/2022 $18.64 $19.21 3.03%
10/3/2022 VALE Vale SA 10/4/2022 $13.88 $14.68 5.76%
10/3/2022 BTU Peabody Energy Corporation 10/5/2022 $26.11 $27.90 6.86%
10/5/2022 MUX McEwen Mining Inc. 10/6/2022 $3.85 $4.16 8.05%
8/29/2022 MRO Marathon Oil Corporation 10/7/2022 $26.95 $28.50 5.75%
9/28/2022 QLD ProShares Ultra QQQ 10/7/2022 $40.49 $36.80 -9.11%
10/7/2022 TWM ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF 10/21/2022 $18.52 $17.41 -5.99%
10/14/2022 QID ProShares UltraShort QQQ 10/21/2022 $28.38 $25.37 -10.61%
6/6/2022 NOV NOV INC 10/28/2022 $21.14 $21.70 2.65%
10/21/2022 KOS Kosmos Energy Ltd. 11/4/2022 $6.44 $6.88 6.83%
8/25/2022 FCX Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 11/4/2022 $32.45 $34.97 7.77%
10/25/2022 WTI W&T Offshore, Inc. 11/4/2022 $7.89 $8.10 2.66%
10/13/2022 BTU Peabody Energy Corporation 11/7/2022 $27.14 $29.55 8.88%
9/12/2022 OSUR OraSure Technologies, Inc. 11/9/2022 $4.21 $4.80 14.01%
11/1/2022 NAT Nordic American Tanker Ltd 11/9/2022 $3.21 $3.22 0.31%
8/16/2022 AU AngloGold Ashanti Limited 11/10/2022 $16.02 $17.44 8.86%
10/31/2022 PBT Permian Basin Royalty Trust 11/14/2022 $21.11 $22.60 7.06%
11/14/2022 NAT Nordic American Tanker Ltd 11/15/2022 $3.34 $3.50 4.79%
11/11/2022 BTU Peabody Energy Corporation 11/23/2022 $28.55 $30.11 5.46%
11/14/2022 CNX CNX Resources Corp 11/28/2022 $18.68 $17.05 -8.73%
11/11/2022 SID Companhia Siderurgica Nacional SA 11/30/2022 $2.77 $3.05 10.11%
11/22/2022 ET Energy Transfer LP Unit 12/8/2022 $12.28 $11.71 -4.64%
12/8/2022 WRN Western Copper and Gold Corp. 12/13/2022 $1.74 $1.96 12.64%
11/22/2022 CLF Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. 12/19/2022 $15.55 $14.32 -7.91%
11/30/2022 MUX McEwen Mining Inc. 12/23/2022 $5.45 $5.88 7.89%
11/8/2022 OIS Oil States International, Inc. 12/30/2022 $6.99 $7.46 6.72%
          Annualized Return 84.82%

That’s a list of all 49 of the stocks I bought and sold in 2022.

As you can see, not all of them turned a profit.

In fact, 7 of them were losers.

That’s because the market can sometimes be unpredictable, and external factors can influence a stock’s performance, even when it seems primed for a bounce-back…

But the beautiful thing is…

If you had bought every stock I bought in 2022 – including the 7 losing stocks…

You would’ve still bagged a 86% win rate for the year.

For instance, if you had taken advantage of all 49 Stretched Stocks in 2022, you would’ve turned every $20,000 into $36,964…

Or if you had put in $50,000, by the 49th trade you would’ve turned your initial stake into $92,410…

And if you had put in $100,000 you would’ve turned your money into $184,820 by the 49th trade…

All in one year!

That’s enough money to help you grow your retirement nest egg…

… Enough money to ease the burden of mortgage payments even with today’s high interest rates…

Heck, it’s even more than enough to cover enchanting European vacations and fun-filled date nights with your partner…

And you could’ve had this extra chunk of cash sitting in your checking account by simply taking advantage of Stretched Stocks.

… Just like the people who took advantage of Stretched Stocks alongside me last year…

I’m talking about people like Janice Page who said:

“After working with his trades for the past months… he has completely gained my trust.”

Linda Geretler also recently wrote me saying:

“In the last 3 months, I have made over $50,000. I am beyond grateful to Jon.”

or Greg Wilson who said:

“I’m planning on using Johnson’s Trading service as my day job to cover life’s expenses for the next few years until full retirement age is achieved vs going back to sit in a cubicle and work for someone else for 50 hours per week.”

As you can see these folks are absolutely thrilled with the results they’re getting from buying and selling Stretched Stocks…

And today I’ll show you how you too can start enjoying these types of results.

Over the next few minutes, I’ll explain why Stretched Stocks can yield profits in both bear and bull markets…

But the bottom line is, if you know how to spot stocks that are stretched to their limit, you can capture consistent gains, fast, and then move onto the next trade.

Take My Kosmos Energy (KOS) Trade Back In April 2022 For Instance

See that sharp dip?

Kosmos Energy Chart

To most people It looks like any random dip…

But it was much more than that.

How so?

Well, when that pull-back occurred, Kosmos fell into its stretched limit.

In other words, it was oversold.

As soon as I noticed that… I opened a trade on it.

Here’s what happened next…

The stock snapped back up like a rubber band and I closed it for a 5.28% profit 9 days later.

The Same Thing Happened With EQT Corporation (EQT) Back In May 2022

Like most other stocks in that period, EQT was hemorrhaging.


But while it was bleeding, I saw it fall into oversold levels, which meant a short-term bounce was imminent… so I immediately opened a trade on it…

And sure enough, it bounced back and produced a 5.72% gain.

I Did The Same Exact Thing With Omeros Corporation (OMER) In July 2022.


I saw Omeros drop into oversold levels in July…

And as soon as I saw it stretch to its limit, I loaded up on Omeros shares on July 27, and closed the trade two days later for a 14.58% gain.

It’s that simple.

When a stock stretches to its limit or falls into oversold levels, It springs back up for a short while, just like a rubber band…

That’s what Stretched Stocks are all about.

All you need to do is spot when a stock is oversold, and you’ll be able to generate consistent profits.

It’s that simple.

Of course, to take full advantage of Stretched Stocks, you need to know when it’s time to sell after a stock undergoes a quick snap to the upside.

When it’s time to take profits and run…

That’s why I use technical chart patterns to monitor the selling pressure on the stocks that bounce…

That way, you can identify when a stock is about to plummet after a quick bounce.

Now here’s the thing…

You’ll Typically Make An Average Gain Of 2%… 4%… 9% For Every Stretched Stock You Buy And Sell

But don’t let that discourage you, because the beauty of Stretched Stocks is, they’re accurate… and they’re so many of them – so these small gains add up to great profits.

For instance, the 49 Stretched Stocks I bought and sold in 2022 yielded a 84.82% annualized gain.

And that was in a bear market.

But here’s a big secret…

While Stretched Stocks can help you generate impressive gains in a bear market…

The Profits From Stretched Stocks Are A Lot Bigger In Bullish Market Conditions

You see…

I only started sharing my Stretched Stocks with other investors in 2022…

But before then, I’d been taking advantage of these trades to grow my own personal wealth…

Here, take a look at my trades from 2021, while the market was bullish.

CLOSED STOCKS            
Buy Date Ticker Stock  Sell Date  Buy Price  Sell Price   Total Return
6/1/2021 EQT EQT Corporation 12/28/2021 $22.07 $23.17 4.98%
12/15/2021 MRVL Marvell Technology Inc 12/27/2021 $86.00 $89.90 4.53%
12/21/2021 FCX Freeport-McMoRan 12/27/2021 $39.16 $41.32 5.52%
12/20/2021 OPK Opko Health Inc. 12/23/2021 $4.47 $4.70 5.15%
12/21/2021 CENX Century Aluminum Co. 12/22/2021 $14.75 $15.78 6.95%
12/14/2021 SIMO Silicon Motion Technology Corp. 12/21/2021 $85.63 $91.75 7.15%
12/15/2021 PLAB Photronics, Inc. 12/16/2021 $16.66 $17.62 5.73%
12/6/2021 LPX Louisiana-Pacific Corporation 12/8/2021 $71.44 $74.93 4.89%
11/22/2021 FLR Fluor Corp 12/6/2021 $22.86 $23.82 4.20%
11/19/2021 UMC United Microelectronics Corp. 12/1/2021 $11.72 $12.25 4.52%
11/22/2021 MTTR Matterport Inc. 11/29/2021 $28.71 $31.23 8.78%
10/25/2021 FCX Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 11/11/2021 $38.66 $40.22 4.04%
11/10/2021 LCID Lucid Group Inc. 11/11/2021 $40.84 $42.74 4.65%
10/4/2021 AAL American Airlines Group Inc. 11/10/2021 $21.72 $21.79 0.32%
11/2/2021 JWN Nordstrom, Inc. 11/3/2021 $30.06 $31.41 4.49%
10/29/2021 MTTR Matterport Inc. 10/29/2021 $20.32 $21.85 7.53%
10/11/2021 NOV Nov Inc. 10/27/2021 $14.83 $15.44 4.11%
10/19/2021 ZETA Zeta Global Holdings Corp. 10/26/2021 $8.52 $8.98 5.40%
10/25/2021 FSLY Fastly Inc. 10/26/2021 $50.05 $52.55 5.00%
10/20/2021 PAAS Pan American Silver Corp. 10/22/2021 $25.88 $26.96 4.17%
6/7/2021 HFC HollyFrontier Corp 10/20/2021 $36.36 $37.84 4.07%
10/14/2021 MRVL Marvell Technology Inc 10/19/2021 $65.47 $67.88 3.68%
10/14/2021 HP Helmerich & Payne, Inc. 10/15/2021 $31.82 $33.40 4.97%
10/11/2021 PAA Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. 10/15/2021 $10.56 $11.04 4.55%
10/12/2021 CERT Certara Inc. 10/13/2021 $35.18 $36.56 3.92%
10/8/2021 OIS Oil States International, Inc. 10/11/2021 $6.91 $7.23 4.63%
9/27/2021 AMSC American Superconductor Corporation 10/7/2021 $14.72 $15.32 4.08%
9/27/2021 SLB Schlumberger NV 10/5/2021 $30.47 $31.68 3.97%
10/1/2021 ET Energy Transfer LP Unit 10/5/2021 $9.77 $10.15 3.89%
9/28/2021 DXD ProShares UltraShort Dow30 10/1/2021 $9.27 $9.44 1.83%
8/18/2021 BAC Bank of America Corp. 9/14/2021 $41.30 $39.76 -3.73%
9/13/2021 PTEN Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. 9/13/2021 $8.21 $8.59 4.63%
8/23/2021 CSX CSX Corporation 9/7/2021 $34.07 $31.51 -7.51%
8/30/2021 KR Kroger Co 9/2/2021 $46.28 $47.92 3.54%
8/24/2021 PLTR Palantir Technologies Inc 8/30/2021 $25.32 $26.59 5.02%
8/23/2021 MXL MaxLinear, Inc. 8/30/2021 $51.26 $53.55 4.47%
7/20/2021 MNKD MannKind Corporation 8/27/2021 $4.66 $4.89 4.94%
8/3/2021 CSCO Cisco Systems 8/18/2021 $55.72 $55.09 -1.13%
8/9/2021 KR Kroger Co 8/17/2021 $42.21 $44.76 6.04%
7/22/2021 JKS JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd 8/13/2021 $64.21 $45.91 -28.50%
7/21/2021 MAS Masco Corp 8/12/2021 $59.66 $62.17 4.21%
8/3/2021 TEX Terex Corporation 8/11/2021 $50.54 $52.50 3.88%
7/29/2021 CHWY Chewy Inc. 8/11/2021 $89.92 $93.41 3.88%
8/9/2021 CLF Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. 8/10/2021 $24.70 $25.68 3.97%
8/3/2021 SNAP Snap Inc. 8/6/2021 $75.41 $78.41 3.98%
7/26/2021 KR Kroger Co 8/3/2021 $40.40 $42.69 5.67%
5/7/2021 PFE Pfizer Inc. 7/20/2021 $39.57 $41.58 5.08%
6/30/2021 TELL Tellurian Inc. 7/16/2021 $4.68 $3.63 -22.44%
3/1/2021 MXL MaxLinear, Inc 7/14/2021 $41.16 $42.99 4.45%
5/6/2021 URBN Urban Outfitters, Inc. 6/25/2021 $39.32 $40.79 3.74%
4/13/2021 UPWK Upwork Inc. 6/22/2021 $50.39 $52.86 4.90%
6/15/2021 OIS Oil States International, Inc. 6/21/2021 $8.10 $8.45 4.32%
6/9/2021 SNAP Snap Inc. 6/11/2021 $62.57 $64.51 3.10%
4/5/2021 CSCO Cisco Systems Inc. 6/10/2021 $52.54 $54.74 4.19%
6/7/2021 PLUG Plug Power Inc. 6/8/2021 $32.76 $34.24 4.52%
5/10/2021 OIS Oil States International, Inc. 6/2/2021 $6.73 $7.05 4.75%
5/18/2021 MRO Marathon Oil Corporation 6/1/2021 $12.23 $12.92 5.64%
5/27/2021 BCRX BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 5/27/2021 $14.30 $14.89 4.13%
5/14/2021 HL Hecla Mining Company 5/17/2021 $7.42 $7.82 5.39%
5/7/2021 CLF Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. 5/10/2021 $20.89 $22.20 6.27%
4/15/2021 CX Cemex SAB de CV ADR 4/26/2021 $7.40 $7.74 4.59%
4/15/2021 NET Cloudflare Inc. 4/23/2021 $77.21 $81.11 5.05%
4/22/2021 BCRX BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 4/22/2021 $11.94 $12.42 4.02%
3/11/2021 FCX Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 4/15/2021 $36.62 $38.00 3.77%
2/8/2021 CLF Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. 4/6/2021 $17.20 $19.54 13.60%
3/18/2021 SCHN Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. 3/18/2021 $43.65 $45.58 4.42%
3/10/2021 X U.S. Steel 3/12/2021 $21.12 $23.27 10.18%
3/9/2021 CENX Century Aluminum Co. 3/10/2021 $17.43 $18.35 5.28%
3/8/2021 TX Ternium SA 3/9/2021 $33.96 $35.39 4.21%
3/8/2021 SAVE Spirit Airlines Incorporated 3/9/2021 $35.98 $37.46 4.11%
3/8/2021 BBBY Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. 3/9/2021 $30.67 $32.44 5.77%
3/2/2021 QID ProShares UltraShort QQQ 3/3/2021 $26.66 $27.79 4.24%
2/19/2021 SID Companhia Siderurgica Nacional 2/24/2021 $6.47 $6.79 4.95%
2/3/2021 AAL American Airlines 2/19/2021 $17.61 $18.51 5.11%
2/15/2021 BCRX BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2/19/2021 $10.30 $11.08 7.57%
1/19/2021 CCL Carnival Corp 2/16/2021 $21.16 $22.19 4.87%
2/4/2021 CONN Conn’s Inc. 2/16/2021 $15.33 $16.18 5.54%
2/8/2021 SCHN Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. 2/16/2021 $34.01 $35.44 4.20%
2/1/2021 LAKE Lakeland Industries, Inc. 2/1/2021 $29.70 $30.92 4.11%
1/26/2021 DKNG Draftkings Inc. 1/28/2021 $54.44 $57.10 4.89%
1/12/2021 CX Cemex SAB de CV ADR 1/15/2021 $5.78 $6.26 8.30%
1/11/2021 HAL Halliburton Company 1/12/2021 $20.62 $21.61 4.80%
12/17/2020 UMC United Microelectronics Corp. 1/11/2021 $8.45 $8.96 6.04%
12/10/2020 COP ConocoPhillips 1/8/2021 $43.70 $45.34 3.75%
1/5/2021 RMBS Rambus Inc. 1/7/2021 $18.01 $18.73 4.00%
12/16/2020 X U.S. Steel 1/6/2021 $18.21 $19.53 7.25%
12/30/2020 FCX Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 1/4/2021 $26.50 $27.60 4.15%
          Annualized Return 84.94%

I took 87 Stretched Stocks back in 2021…

And 82 of those trades turned out to be winners.

That’s a 94.2% win rate!

And the best part is…

These Stretched Stocks Delivered A 84.94% Annualized Return Back In 2021…

That’s nearly double your money!

It just goes to show that while Stretched Stocks can multiply your money in a bear market…

It performs exceedingly well in bull markets too.

So if you’re unsure about where the market is heading next, don’t fret.

Because with Stretched Stocks you can make money whether the market goes up or down.

That’s why today I’m going to show you how to exploit the hell out of these Stretched Stocks so you can start making some consistent profits regardless of how the market is doing.

I’m talking about profits large enough to buy spontaneous gifts for your wife, kids and loved ones…

Profits large enough to take spontaneous vacations to European destinations, while staying in luxurious hotels and enjoying an amazing holiday experience.

Take this resort in Tuscany, Italy for instance.


It’s called Castello di Casole.

It was voted the most exclusive resort in Europe and its prestige is reflected in its pricing, as it costs roughly $600 for a one-day stay.

It’s the kind of place that’ll get your friends and neighbors green with envy if they ever find out you went there.

Just imagine how happy your wife or girlfriend would be to visit a place like this for an extended period of time.

She’d probably be all over you like she was when you first got together.

Well you could easily book a two-week stay there with the money you make buying and selling Stretched Stocks.

And the craziest part is, after booking a two-week stay at such a luxurious hotel, you’d still have a nice chunk of change left, simply because of how much the profits from the trading strategy add up.

Over the next few minutes, I’ll explain exactly how these Stretched Stocks work.

I’ll also fill you in on how you can start using them for consistent profits.

But before I do, allow me to fully introduce myself.

Jon Johnson

My name is Jon Johnson…

I’m the chief investment strategist of Investment House. An alternative investment advisory with over 70,000 readers.

I’ve been a special guest on numerous media investment outlets, including CNBC and Bloomberg TV…

I’ve also been featured in prominent publications such as the Washington Post, WSJ, Smart Money, Bloomberg and many other news magazines where I’ve shared my thoughts and ideas on the financial markets.

But unlike most investment analysts, I don’t have a Wall Street or Ivy League background.

I also didn’t receive any form of capital from my parents, yet I’ve still managed to make millions of dollars as a trader.

You see, I grew up “dirt poor” in Austin, Texas, the 6th of 7 kids.

My family wasn’t the kind to take handouts either, so I learned early on that if you want something, you put your head down and work to achieve it.

That’s how I put myself through school — twice!

The first time, I graduated with an MBA from the University of Texas and entered the business world.

That’s also when I started to get into entrepreneurship and investing — teaching myself about both…

But, as my investing knowledge grew, I realized I needed a better legal background.

So, I went back to school to get a law degree — even though I swore I’d never really practice law.

That didn’t quite work out.

After passing the bar, I spent the next six years as a lawyer.

But, more importantly, I had six more years to hone my own trading and investing style.

I eventually became so successful in the markets that my brokers asked if they could follow his trades themselves… and share them with their clients.

That’s when I knew I was ready.

So, I quit being an attorney. My wife quit her attorney job, as well, even though she was in line for a partnership at her firm.

Yes, I’m talking about leaving two six-figure careers here…

But leaving the legal world behind also meant ending high-stress jobs — requiring 60-70 hours a week of our lives.

It also meant we could spend more time together and focus on raising a family.

All of that rode on my investing expertise.

In other words, I had to perform in the markets, or my family’s finances would crumble.

How’d it work out?

Well, my wife and I are now living the American dream.

Ever Since I Left My Career As A Lawyer, I’ve Become A Millionaire Many Times Over Through Trading

And unlike most analysts today, I didn’t just make my money trading bull markets…

I made a large chunk of my wealth under bearish conditions too.

Like in 2015 for instance when the Chinese stock market crashed and sent the U.S market down with it.

At the time, stocks were falling left, right and center…

Yet, I only lost one single trade in 2015…

That’s out of 34 trades by the way.

Take a look for yourself below:

CLOSED STOCKS            
Buy Date Ticker Stock  Sell Date  Buy Price  Sell Price   Total Return
12/15/2015 NFG National Fuel Gas 12/23/2015 $39.00 $43.20 10.77%
12/10/2015 CAG ConAgra Foods, Inc. 12/22/2015 $40.32 $41.33 2.50%
11/17/2015 ED Consolidated Edison 12/17/2015 $62.73 $64.28 2.47%
10/26/2015 LLY Eli Lilly and Company 10/27/2015 $78.60 $80.12 1.93%
10/23/2015 COH Coach 10/26/2015 $30.00 $30.64 2.13%
12/5/2014 KO Coca-Cola Co.* 10/22/2015 $42.48 $43.81 3.13%
9/23/2015 UVV Universal Corporation* 10/9/2015 $49.88 $51.90 4.05%
9/11/2015 NFG National Fuel Gas 9/15/2015 $51.00 $52.01 1.98%
8/31/2015 PM Philip Morris 9/15/2015 $79.32 $80.81 1.88%
8/24/2015 FSIC FS Investment Corp 8/24/2015 $9.50 $9.80 3.16%
8/28/2014 PBI Pitney Bowes Inc.* 8/5/2015 $26.43 $20.86 -21.07%
8/6/2015 BMY Bristol-Myers Squibb* 10/27/2015 $64.45 $66.19 2.70%
7/7/2015 UN Unilever 7/9/2015 $40.57 $42.06 3.67%
7/6/2015 INTC Intel Corp* 10/9/2015 $30.12 $32.12 6.64%
6/15/2015 ABM ABM Industries Inc. 6/23/2015 $32.85 $33.39 1.64%
6/9/2015 MO Altria Group 6/10/2015 $48.30 $49.31 2.09%
6/3/2015 BMY Bristol-Myers Squibb 6/18/2015 $65.69 $66.67 1.49%
5/20/2015 PG Procter & Gamble 7/14/2015 $80.93 $82.36 1.77%
5/13/2015 DD E.I. du Pont 5/29/2015 $70.14 $71.40 1.80%
5/6/2015 BMY Bristol-Myers Squibb 5/8/2015 $64.78 $66.30 2.35%
5/1/2013 GSK GlaxoSmithKline PLC 5/6/2015 $46.03 $46.45 0.91%
4/23/2015 MRK Merck & Co. Inc. 4/24/2015 $57.55 $58.12 0.99%
4/9/2015 MWE MarkWest Energy Partners 4/14/2015 $64.80 $65.60 1.23%
4/6/2015 INTC Intel Corp 4/7/2015 $30.84 $31.50 2.14%
3/19/2015 PG Procter & Gamble Company 3/23/2015 $83.28 $85.00 2.07%
3/18/2015 KRFT Kraft Foods Group, Inc. 3/20/2015 $60.75 $62.03 2.11%
3/5/2015 ADM Archer-Daniels-Midland Company 4/2/2015 $47.15 $47.94 1.68%
2/26/2015 INTC Intel Corporation 3/4/2015 $33.53 $34.34 2.42%
2/23/2015 JNJ Johnson & Johnson 2/27/2015 $100.50 $102.81 2.30%
2/9/2015 INTC Intel Corporation 2/12/2015 $33.09 $33.86 2.33%
1/30/2015 NFG National Fuel Gas Company 2/3/2015 $64.14 $66.02 2.93%
1/21/2015 MDLZ Mondelez International, Inc.* 4/29/2015 $36.85 $37.92 2.90%
1/14/2015 GE General Electric Company 1/22/2015 $23.58 $24.32 3.14%


How Did I Manage To Win 33 Out Of 34 Trades During The 2015 Market Sell-Off?

It was all thanks to Stretched Stocks.

I first uncovered Stretched Stocks in the early days of my trading career after conducting technical analysis on old stock charts…

I noticed that in both bullish and bearish market conditions, certain stocks would plummet for a sustained period before going through quick spikes.

These quick spikes occurred seemingly at random, but after spending countless hours studying historical stock market data, I eventually figured out that there was nothing random about them…

Instead, I discovered that these spikes were happening because when stocks dip or fall into oversold levels, a fraction of investors patiently wait on the sidelines, shopping for stocks that appear to be oversold… or are significantly cheaper than their perceived value…

When these investors buy into these oversold stocks… their buying pressure sends the stocks higher… sparking quick profits.

So I figured that if I could buy oversold stocks, I could bag quick profits when they bounce to the upside.

And that worked out perfectly, allowing me to consistently generate profits in any market condition…

I’m talking about profits like:

On their own, the profits on my individual trades are pretty small, but by the end of 2022, they had all compounded into one large percentage gain. 84.82% to be exact.

To put that into perspective; Vanda Research, a world-renowned research firm which studies self-directed retail traders globally, says the average retail investor’s portfolio was down about 30% by the end of 2022.

Chart Graph

Now, I thoroughly detest the fact that millions of hardworking folks had to lose 30% of their entire portfolios.

Especially while myself and a few other everyday people who I shared my Stretched Stocks with bagged a 84.82% annualized return by the end of 2022.

That’s why I decided to put this presentation together in the first place…

To bring you “into-the-know” about Stretched Stocks…

And to help you take advantage of these special stocks.

How You Can Start Profiting From Stretched Stocks

Now, here’s the thing, there are a series of technical indicators that I personally use to identify Stretched Stocks on the stock market…

But the problem is, these indicators are pretty complex… and it can take years to truly know how to use them properly.

That’s why instead of simply giving a long-winded explanation of how to use these indicators…

I’ll simply send you buy and sell alerts via email and SMS… every time I identify a new Stretched Stock.

The alerts will contain information like the stock’s ticker along with the price levels you should buy and sell at…

That way you can take advantage of Stretched Stocks and generate consistent returns in any market.

If You’d Like To Receive My Trade Recommendations, All You’ll Need To Do Is Sign Up To My Trading Service


It’s called Rapid Profits Stock Trader or RPST for short, and it’s the only place where I share my Stretched Stock recommendations…

At least once a week, when I spot a stock about to become oversold, I’ll email you an alert with instructions on how to take advantage of the trade.


The email will look exactly like this;

I’ll also send you an SMS that looks similar…

All you’ll need to do is follow my instructions in your brokerage account…

It’s as easy as making a few selections from a menu and hitting a single button.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive As A Member Of My Rapid Profits Stock Trader Service

Weekly Profit Opportunities: As part of your membership, you’ll receive at least one Stretched Stock recommendation per week, throughout 2023 and beyond – the same type of stocks that netted me a 84.82% annualized gain in 2022.

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results, but with Stretched Stocks, I’m confident you’ll be able to generate regular stock market profits in any market condition.

Regular Trading Flash Alerts: This is the heart of the program. I’ll send you rapid-fire trading alerts sent once or twice per week on average (sometimes more often).

The alerts are sent directly to your email inbox and, if you wish, to your mobile phone, with all of the details you need to buy Stretched Stocks.

They come in two forms: a brief summary line with all the details you need… and sometimes longer explanations in text or video format.

Stop-Loss Parameters: My trading service offers recommended stop-loss orders for each trade, so, in the rare event that a recommendation goes against us, we get out fast and limit the size of our loss.

Complete Recommended Portfolio: You gain instant access to ALL of my current positions, with specific buy and sell instructions for each. This gives you instant access to potentially dozens of profitable trades.

Ongoing Video Briefings: When you subscribe, you get access to my ongoing video briefings that show you precisely how to make our trades and grow your wealth. These extra video briefings are in addition to the Webinar master class for new subscribers.

Quarterly Members-Only Teleforums: Every quarter, you’ll join me and fellow Rapid Profits Stock Trader members on a live conference call. Here, I’ll update you on the markets and our recommended trades. I also take time to answer member questions during this interactive hour.

As Part Of Your Membership, You’ll Also Receive Access To A Live Human “Coach” When You Need It

His name is Grant Linhares, and he’s an experienced stock trader with nearly 20 years under his belt helping investors just like you.

He’s available 9am to 5pm ET Monday through Friday. You can call him at 844-212-9292.

So, How Much Is A Membership To
Rapid Profits Stock Trader?

A regular subscription to Rapid Profits Stock Trader costs $1,995 – and, given the track record and regular profits we’ve just talked about, that’s a huge bargain.

Yet you won’t have to pay anything close to that!

That’s because I’ve asked my publisher, Eagle Financial Publications, to take $1500 off the price…

… a full 75% discount.

That means you can get access to an entire year of Rapid Profits Stock Trader for only $495.

That works out to just $1.36 a day, less than the cost of a latte.

It’s an incredible deal when you consider that some people can make back the cost of the subscription in a single week!

Now, you might be wondering – Why offer a yearly subscription at such a drastic discount?

The reason is simple: I am so confident about the profitability of my trades that I am sure once you experience the full cycle of our activities throughout the year, you’ll appreciate the true value of this service.

So think of it like an “entryway discount” of sorts…

One designed to help you experience the full power and profitability of stretched stocks at an affordable price…

However, I Understand The Need For Flexibility, So I’m Also Offering A Quarterly Subscription Option…

That’s right! If you prefer to take things one step at a time, you can choose to pay quarterly at a price of $149 per quarter…

That way, you won’t feel locked into the membership for a full year.

You’ll basically have the option to “walk out” every quarter.

But like every other current member, you’re likely going to stay the entire year – even longer.

It always happens.

Because after taking advantage of my Stretched Stocks recommendations for an entire quarter…

Trades that produce profits 8 times out of 10…

You’re going to want more. 

And that will lead to you sticking around in Rapid Profits Stock Trader for a long time…

But keep in mind, if you opt for a quarterly subscription… It’s going to be roughly 20% more expensive than getting a yearly membership right off the bat…

Because over the span of 4 quarters… $149 adds up to $596…

As opposed to the yearly membership which currently goes for $495…

Either way, you’ll only be able to get both yearly and quarterly memberships at these discounted prices for a limited time…

How long?

For as long as membership spots are available.

You See, I’m Looking To Accept Just 120 Members Into My Rapid Profits Stock Trader Service At The Moment…

Why just 120?

Well, it’s for the benefit of our members.

If too many people start taking advantage of my Stretched Stocks… the prices of the stocks we’re trading will jump far too quickly…

… So quick that many members won’t be able to get in.

That’s why I’m limiting membership to just 120 people, to ensure that everybody in the service has the opportunity to take advantage of my trades at the prices I recommend.

So if you’d like to become one of the 120 people who get to profit off of my Stretched Stocks… then I implore you to join today, because there’s no guarantee that spots will remain if you try to get in some other time.

And get this…

I’m going to make it even EASIER for you to decide…

I’ve Asked My Publisher To Give You 30 Days To Try Out Rapid Profits Stock Trader, Risk-Free…

Meaning you can come into the service – see what it’s about and see how well my trades perform for you – for an entire month.

Think of it like a test run.

Money Back Seal

You’ll get to come into the service and take advantage of my incredibly accurate trades for 30-days at no risk to you.

Regardless of if you’re getting a yearly or quarterly membership.

You MUST be 100% thrilled with your results from Rapid Profits Stock Trader in the first 30 days of your membership. If you’re not – for any reason – contact us for a full refund.

This pretty much means that you have nothing to lose by joining RPST… but everything to gain.

If you want, you could literally come into the service, take all my trades in the first 30 days… make some money, request for a refund and leave.

But I know you’re not going to do that.

I feel extremely comfortable giving you such a strong guarantee because my trading system just works.

After one taste, you’re going to want more.

It’s just the way it is.

Stretched Stocks are so accurate and so consistent that the odds of you wanting a refund when you start making money from my trades are pretty much nada.

But either way, the option for a refund is there, if you want one 30 days into your membership.

Just contact me or any member of my team (which I’ll introduce you to) and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

Today, I’ve shown you how I exploited Stretched Stocks to generate a 84.82% return in 2022’s bear market…

I’ve given you an invitation to join my Rapid Profits Stock Trader service…

I’ve offered you a 75% discount on the price of the service…

I’ve given you an option to get into the service on a yearly and quarterly basis…

And I’ve also given you a 30-day, risk-free trial of the service regardless of what option you choose…

So now it’s time for a decision.

As you can imagine, with how strong my guarantees are, the available 120 spots are going to fly off the shelves pretty quickly.

So you have to act fast.

Today, You Could Become One Of The Lucky 120 New Members Who Will Join My Rapid Profit Stock Trader Service

Once the 120-member cap is reached today, I’m shutting this offer down and taking this page offline.

And I wholeheartedly expect the spots to fill up fast.

That’s because I have thousands of readers…

That means it won’t take long for a fraction of them to rush into the service.

Especially after seeing my 30-day risk-free guarantee, which pretty much means you can access the service for a full 30 days without risking a dime.

So unfortunately, I need to keep the members capped at 120… because if I open the service up to all my readers at once, it’ll make it difficult for every member to execute my trades.

And I don’t want that…

So act fast… while spots are still available.

If you understand how life-changing it’ll be to get access to my Stretched Stocks…

The same trades that averaged an 86% win rate in 2022, while yielding an 84.82% annualized return for the year…

Then I’d like to invite you to join me and start taking advantage of my trades…

Because I’m constantly scanning the market for stocks that are about to hit oversold price levels…

In fact, I just detected one stock on the verge of becoming oversold…

Which means a quick payout could be on the horizon…

It could happen as early as tomorrow.

And I don’t want you to miss out on it, tomorrow or the rest of the year.

Remember, if you took advantage of my trades in 2022…

You could’ve netted $36,964 with just $20,000…

You could’ve bagged $92,410 with a $50,000 stake…

Or you could’ve made $184,820 with a $100,000 starting point.

All in a bear market.

And I’m confident we can eclipse those numbers in a bull market.

If you’d like to put yourself in a position to make these kinds of profits… then simply click the “Click Here To Get Started” button that you see below.

To be clear, hitting this button does not obligate you to anything.

You’ll just be directed to another page, where you can review all the details of this special offer and choose whether you’d like to opt for a yearly or quarterly membership.

To your wealth,

Jon Johsnon

Jon Johnson