Jon Johnson here, and I’m excited to have you join us as a member of Success Trading Group.

Like Roger said, this is the very first time I’ve opened up my private trading group to new members. For the last 11 years, it’s been my family, friends and me making money.

I’m delighted we’re taking on 200 new Success Trading Group members.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

That’s why I’m giving you a 30-day, risk-free, no-strings attached test drive. I want you to take the next 30 days to enjoy every single win as it rolls into your account, making sure you’re 100% thrilled with your membership…

If you’re not absolutely satisfied with the service, the profits, me, anything, just let us know. I’ll insist you get a prompt refund.

Here’s Everything You Get With Your
30-Day Risk-Free Test Drive

My Best Trades

My portfolio of recommendations is called The Main Trading Table. Here’s where you’ll find my recommended plays and a running tally of the year’s performance. I normally have around 7 open positions at any given time, and you can expect 2-3 new trades per month.

My Entire Track Record

Unlike unscrupulous advisors who don’t dare reveal their past trades, I make my entire track record available. What’s to hide when you’ve only missed one trade in 11 years? You can find my entire track record in a FREE special report called The Secret to Long-Term Wealth from Short Term Gains: Success Trading Group Track Record 2009-2019.

Bare Bones Alerts

You’ll see that our email trade alerts are very simple. They contain the stock symbol, the recommended entry point, and the expected exit price. That’s it, but it’s all you need to make money 99.74% of the time.

Exclusive Private Website

As a new member, you’ll gain access to our encrypted website where you can find my Main Trading Table – the current recommended portfolio, an archive of email hotlines, special reports and anything else we’ve ever created for the service.

Concierge Investor Services

Should you have any questions concerning our trades or your service, contact your dedicated representative. His name is Grant Linhares, and his toll free number is 844-419-4548. He’s available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, Eastern time. 

That’s a lot to get for a test drive, I know.

But by now, you can tell Success Trading Group is a different kind of trading service… one with the best track record over the last 11 years I’ve ever seen:

  • 384 wins on 385 closed trades
  • Hasn’t recommended a loser in 5 years
  • And has 204 wins in a row

Frankly, some publishers in our industry would ask $10,000 or more for investment advice this good.

We’d never charge that much.

I believe I’ve priced membership far below what you’d expect to pay for such an incredible system.

A year’s subscription to Success Trading Group normally costs $1,995.

But, because you’re receiving this offer as a loyal Eagle reader…

And because we’re giving you the chance to become a Charter Member of Success Trading Group, you only pay $995!

Believe me, that’s a huge bargain. 

Unfortunately, we can’t let everyone in at that price.

We’re limiting this first public call for new members to just 200.

I wish we didn’t have to cap the number at 200.

But I have to make sure that everyone continues to profit, just like they have for the last 11 years.

Once I’m convinced, I’ll open up the membership again.

It could be this time next year before that happens, though, maybe longer.

Until then, we’re only allowing 200 people in.

Remember though, by this time next week, the word will be out… we’ll have announced my service to the rest of the investing world.

Once that happens, you can bet the 200 spaces will be gone.

So you better act fast.

To join the select 200, fill out your information below now.