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Here’s Everything You Get With Your
30-Day Risk-Free Test Drive

My Best Trades

This is my Success Trading Group portfolio of trades. Each recommendation is made by looking at a variety of factors – both fundamental and technical – to capture steady, short-term gains on the best companies in America. We normally have around 7 positions at any given time, and you can expect 4-6 trades per month.

Exclusive Private Website

As a new member, you’ll gain access to our encrypted website where you can find all the recent hotlines, current portfolio… and anything else we’ve ever created for the service.

Concierge Investor Services

Should you have any questions concerning our trades or your service, contact your dedicated representative. His name is Grant Linhares, and his toll free number is 844-419-4548. He’s available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, Eastern time. 

That’s a lot to get for a test drive, I know.

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By now you can tell Success Trading Group is a different kind of trading service.

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