How the Coronavirus Collapse Created Two Wall Streets

One Wall Street Will Make You Rich,
The Other Will Leave You Penniless

Why this may be your last chance to choose
which Wall Street you will invest in

Fellow investor,

I’m not going to sugarcoat this. The craziest stock market in history is about to get a whole lot crazier. The result will divide Wall Street into two parts: 

In one part, supply chains will slow, manufacturing will grind to a halt, oil prices will plummet as earnings evaporate — and with it, the fortunes of millions of investors.

In the other part, companies will be thriving, earnings will be accelerating, and investors will be enjoying their best returns in years — while the majority of Americans rue the bust.

This special alert brings you a chance to choose which Wall Street you will invest in, because both Wall Streets will be competing for your money. Thanks to the market chaos, you won’t be able to tell the difference until it’s too late… unless you listen to this message.

The Most Important Investment Decision
You’ll Make This Year

I’m Roger Michalski, and this is the most important economic forecast I’ve sent you in a decade.  

The reason is quite simple: We are truly at the dawn of a rare moment in stock market history. One that we’ve never seen before in our lives — worse than the 2002 Tech Wreck and the Great Recession of 2008 combined.

As you’ll see in this Special Report, the most serious and critical economic dilemma we face in the aftermath of the Coronavirus Collapse is FEAR.

But please take heart…

What most investors forget is that, before this calamity took place, we were enjoying the strongest stock market in history.

We had the strongest employment in history… strongest earnings… strongest rise in consumer spending… strongest business spending…

And then all hell broke loose.

While I can’t tell you when the market will gain some kind of normalcy, I can tell you this: what you do now will affect your future wealth.

You see…

If — and that’s a big IF — there’s any kind of upside to this crisis, it’s the recognition that the U.S. economy was too dependent on the China supply chain for everything from manufacturing to medicine.

Bringing back manufacturing to the U.S. won’t cure the corona crisis, but it will make a huge difference in ending that threat and getting our economy moving again.

 Not overnight, but over time.

That, my friend, will be where the money will be made over the next two to three years, as this virus plays itself out.

But that’s over the long term

Over the short term it’s going to be a wild ride. We are going to continue to see the market jump up and down as volatility reigns supreme.

Wall Street’s No. 1 Technical Trader, Jon Johnson, agrees…

“Make no mistake about it:  Volatility is the real “new normal.” You can either profit from it or you can let the volatility destroy you. You can wish what I’m saying wasn’t true… but this is the reality you’re facing.”

The bottom line is this: We live in a world where the winds of fortune will change by the minute. The market’s daily 1,000-point swings prove just that.

Here at Eagle Financial Publications, we saw the volatility handwriting on the wall eight months ago and took serious action to protect our clients, bringing in Jon Johnson, to help us develop a new trading service to profit exactly in this kind of environment.

Jon’s new service uses a proprietary technical trading algorithm that takes advantage of the volatility in the market on both the up and down side. The profits he’s been generating for his members since August have truly been remarkable. Here’s just a sample:

Zoom +392% Cummins Inc. +125%
Skyworks Solutions +320% Shopify +151%
Lam Research Corp +272% Swatch Group AG +121%
American Tower Corp +197% United Therapeutics +121%
Caterpillar +197% Stericycle +113%
Beyond Meats +191% Amazon +112%
Advanced Micro Devices +186% NVIDIA +109%
Luckin Coffee +127% TEVA Pharma +104%
Cirrus Logic +167% HubSpot +100%
Match Group +156% Reliance Steel +100%

The secret to his success: 

Focusing on the technical patterns that stocks set up over and over again. Patterns that continue to be profitable day in and day out — no matter if the market is rising or falling.

As Jon puts it, “These technical patterns are almost like deja vu. Each time these patterns appear, you have a 95% chance your options trade will play out.”

“Play out” is an understatement — even in this volatile market.

Just take a look at the 25 winners he’s had since February 24th, when the market started its slide downward.

Zoom +392.86% on the option Zoom +38.63% on the stock
Zoom +300% on the option Zoom +29% on the stock
Lam Research +271.73% on the option Lam Research +156.54% on the option
United Therapeutics +121.21% on the option United Therapeutics +12.03% on the stock
Caterpillar +196.47% on the option Schrodinger Inc +27% on the stock
Gilead Sciences +90% on the option Gilead Sciences +16.19% on the stock
Microsoft +82% on the options Zoom +70% on the options
Twilio +57.74% on the option Twilio +8.47% on the stock
EQT Corp +47.92% on the option EQT Corp +28.53% on the stock
Square Inc +9.98% on the stock +6.35% on the stock
Boingo Wireless +7.8% on the stock Vaneck Vectors Jr Gold Miners +5.31% on the ETF
Gilead Sciences +2.67% on the stock Nvidia +2.5% on the stock
Palomar Holdings +50% on the options

All profits banked in the face of this incredible market.

Here’s what you’ll like best about our technical system:

It identifies and tracks not only profitable options patterns on both the UP and DOWN side… but also the best time to buy them — all while filtering out the background market noise you get from the financial media.

And — most important — it’s completely devoid of emotion and market chatter that you are hearing right now.

“That is where most traders fail,” says Jon. “They get too emotionally wrapped up in their trades, like now. Our technical trading system lets you trade with the cool confidence of a card counter in Las Vegas — all with the knowledge that the only thing that can defeat your scientific system is your emotions.”

That’s what Technical Traders Alert brings you.

A calm, confident, and scientific approach to trading options — devoid of any emotion.

That’s because the only trades it generates are based on chart patterns, eliminating the human emotional mistakes we make as individual traders: overreacting to market chaos and news while ignoring what the science is telling us.

Here’s what it does better than any other system I’ve seen:

Sorts and categorizes thousands of stock charts in real time, then focuses like a laser beam on the predictable patterns that have proven themselves to be the most profitable — ultimately issuing simple put and call instructions you can execute with the click of a mouse.

That’s what I think you’ll find most impressive — it not only delivers the winning trades to your inbox, but also gives you the confidence to make the trade (and collect your profits) without any hesitation.

On both the up and downside.

All without any guesswork on your part. Which is what most investors are looking for right now.


Jon’s system turns this highly technical chart…

Into this easy-to-understand push-button trade:

Skyworks Solutions (SWKS): January 17 $100 Call Option

BUY November 25 $4.40
SELL January 3 $18.50
GAIN 320.45%

And it does this over and over and over.

He turns this…

Into this…

Luckin Coffee (LK): March 20 $30 Call Option

BUY December 3 $6.20
SELL January 22 $14.10
GAIN 127.42%

This chart…

Into this…

Zoom (ZM): March 20 $90 Call Option

BUY February 10 $7.00
SELL March 19 $31.25
GAIN 346%

And this chart…

Into this…

Lam Research (LRCX): March 20 $30 Put Option

BUY March 3 $19.10
SELL March 10 $60.00
GAIN 214%

It does this over and over and over again.

This Is Why Technical Traders Alert Could
Help Save Your Retirement…

And why I brought Jon Johnson to the Eagle team back in August 2019. To help us develop this kind of system — not thinking we’d be in the midst of this kind of major sell-off.

But I’m so glad that I did, because we now have a tool to offer our readers that will let them profit in this kind of market — rather than see their wealth go down the drain. 

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the system, I want you to know that, for more than 17 years, Eagle Financial Publications has helped over 1 million Americans safely and systematically build their wealth, by providing them with a source of independent, unbiased — and most of all, profitable — investing advice.

We’ve done this NOT by regurgitating the latest stock market news, but by providing our readers specific, unhedged investment recommendations based on firsthand stock research

As a result, our organization has grown from publishing one newsletter to now publishing over 20 investment and trading advisories that cover the entire spectrum of investing and trading advice.

I’m proud to say that those who have followed our advice have seen their money multiply hundreds of times over the past 17 years. 

That’s why I’m always scanning Wall Street for new profit opportunities, looking to bring to our readers the most profitable opportunities the world has to offer.

That’s the whole reason why I teamed up with Wall Street’s No. 1 options trader, Jon Johnson, when we saw how volatility would soon rule the markets.

Our goal was twofold: to create a new kind of options trading service. One that could: 

  1. Make options trading as simple as stock trading, and…
  2. Deliver consistent, predictable profits week in and week out, no matter what was happening in the markets.

I’m so glad that I did.

I knew if anyone could create this kind of system, Jon could. He’d already proven himself to be one of the top traders on Wall Street, with 1,182 double- and triple-digit winners in six years — while only holding most positions a few days to a few weeks. 

Of course, creating a simple system wasn’t going to be a small undertaking, especially when you consider there are so many types of option trading strategies.

They include… 

Iron Butterfly Long Put Butterfly
Short Butterfly Short Put Butterfly
Iron Condor Short Condor
Vertical Spread Horizontal Spread
Diagonal Spread Calendar Straddle
Strip Strap

Many of which are so complicated, they could make your head spin. Just naming them all gives me a headache!

To be sure, some of these strategies are great at making money when the stocks are going up.  Others are good when stocks are going down. Others are hedge-like bets that could pay off BIG TIME — but are so complicated, you’d need to sit at your computer 24/7 to watch them play out. 

In the end, none of them could deliver the kind of consistent, easy-to-bank profits we were looking for in both up and down markets. 

So, instead of using existing strategies to build a system, he took a radically different approach:  focusing on the technical patterns that stocks set up over and over again. 

Using this concept as a guide, he employed advanced computer technologies to identify and reverse-engineer these patterns, using predictive overlays, moving averages, trend lines, and volume indicators.

We found, as Jon puts it, “the profitable technical patterns that repeat themselves almost like deja vu. Each time these patterns appear, you have up to 95% chance your options trade will play out.”

That’s where we focused our efforts.

After eight months and 3,000 man-hours, the end result was the creation of something that we believe never existed before: a whole new, and scientifically proven, way to build wealth trading options on both the up and down side.

One that was so simple, you didn’t even need to know how to read a chart! We call our new service Technical Traders Alert — you’ll call it a dream come true. That’s because it gives you a serious options trading advantage never seen before — all with a few clicks of a mouse.

Here’s How It Works

Without getting too technical, it works by sorting and categorizing thousands of stock charts, focusing on the predictable patterns that have proven themselves to be the most profitable — ultimately issuing simple put and call instructions you can execute with the click of a mouse.

Here’s what I think you’ll find most impressive: it not only delivers the winning trades to your inbox, but also gives you the confidence to make the trade (and collect your profits) without any hesitation.

All without any guesswork on your part.

That’s What Makes Technical Traders Alert Such a
Revolutionary Approach to Trading Options

It crystallizes thousands of charts and data points into clear and simple trades anyone can make money on without having to spend hours sitting at a computer screen or reading charts. 

As such, Technical Traders Alert is the first technical trading system ever created for regular investors to turn predictable patterns into wealth…

Again, that was our mission: to make buying and selling options as easy as buying and selling stocks — only with faster, bigger profits. 

And I’m proud to say we’ve been able to do just that, with 1,182 double- and triple-digit winners in six years!

I challenge you to find a more successful trading record anywhere on Earth!

This is why it has taken us eight months and more than 3,000 man-hours to research, develop, and finalize this trading system.  

The results have made it possible for us to place the Eagle Financial Publications name and two-year guarantee on this system, as it truly delivers the profits to grow your wealth safely and systematically, virtually every time a profitable trading pattern presents itself.

Here’s What You’ll Like Best About
Technical Traders Alert

Technical Traders Alert is geared towards regular investors who want to add the wealth-building power of options trading to their overall investing arsenal. You get clear buy and sell recommendations — and easy-to-follow instructions to get the trade right every time.

As a result, you’ll never again have to spend hours of research trying to figure out which stocks to follow, which options to buy, or when to sell. No matter if the market is rising rapidly, plunging into an abyss, or flat.

Our Technical Traders Alert system does it all for you — all by focusing on the stock patterns that have proven themselves profitable over and over and over again, opportunistically seeking out the market’s very best trades at all times. That means banking profits in days or holding on for weeks at a time — or until it’s time to cash out. 

This is how we banked the following profits while the majority of Americans missed out on them.

Cummins Inc. +124.5% HubSpot +100%
Nike +114% Reliance Steel +100%
Stericycle +112.5% Broadcom +98%
Amazon +112% Momo +81%
NVIDIA +109% Nordstroms +79%
TEVA Pharma +104% Pinterest +78%

It’s so simple, you can make our trades with just three clicks of your mouse, just as you do when you buy and sell stocks: one to buy, one to sell, and one to roll your profits into a new trade. You simply follow along with our trades in your own brokerage account.

If you’re willing to spend five minutes a day following our simple trading instructions, you too could add thousands of dollars to your personal income each month by simply following our trades.

You Won’t Need a Lot of Money to Get Started

The reason is simple: 

Because we are trading options, you can profit along with us for as little as $500 a trade. And because our trades come at the tipping point of each trend, we bank our profits within days.

As a result, a $500 bet can hand you $1,000 or more in just a few days. Here are a few documented REAL examples we banked since August.

SWKS $500 into $2100 in 39 days
BYND $500 into $1455 in 4 days
LK $500 into $1450 in 50 days
AMD $500 into $1439 in 51 days
CLVS $500 into $1414 in 13 days
CMI $500 to $1125 in 9 days
SRCL $500 tp $1065 in 30 days
NKE $500 to $1050 in 33 days
AMZN $500 to $1045 in 25 days
NVDA $500 to $1045 in 14 days
TEVA $500 to $1020 in 13 days
HUBS $500 to $1000 in 22 days

Again, with each one of these winning trades, our system spotted the breakout, issued the trade, and sent our readers the sell signal automatically. In fact, the only “work” on your part is to call your broker or use your online brokerage account, and bank your profits.

This letter is your invitation to profit from our new Technical Traders Alert advisory, and we hope you’ll seriously consider joining us. Our two-year guarantee makes it impossible for you to say no in these turbulent times.

Here Are More Examples of the Kind of
Quick Profits It Can Bring You

These are all REAL TRADES executed by our Technical Traders Alert system since August 2019, when we brought Jon on board and put his system to the test…  

Turning charts like these…

Into profits like these:

I hope you can see why I’m so excited about this breakthrough trading service — its effectiveness is uncanny. That’s why when word gets out, I’m concerned that we might have to turn people away.

This Brings Me to You and the Opportunity that
Stands Before You


I can’t tell you when the markets will return to some kind of normalcy, but I can tell you this: the wild market swings will continue for some time.

This is why having a tool that helps you profit on both the up and down side is essential to protecting your wealth.

Technical Traders Alert gives you a tool to not only profit from the constant dips, mini-crashes and full-blown stock apocalypses, but also when stocks are rising.

With the market on thin ice, the profit opportunities it offers you are limitless. You need only look at the wild market swings since the end of February.

Truth is, if you are serious about rebuilding your wealth, you can’t sit around waiting for the government, the FED, or the latest earnings report to drive up the market.

You need to take control of your wealth and begin to cash in on the markets’ wild swings and volatility. Technical Traders Alert does just that. My two-year guarantee makes it easy to give it a shot.

This brings me to you and the opportunity that stands before you…. 

The fact that you’re still reading tells me that you, too, are concerned about rebuilding your wealth moving forward and are giving this revolutionary service some serious thought.  I wouldn’t wait too long. 

Because this is a new service, we will be limiting membership to just 100 memberships.

Why Technical Traders Alert is Limited to
100 Memberships

  1. Here at Eagle Financial Publications, we take all precautions to avoid moving the market, which is why we have limited membership to no more than 100. Why 100? Because we have calculated that it’s the optimal number of people who can profit from our quick trades without getting locked out by a huge buying surge. 
  2. Also, with a smaller membership, we can offer more personalized service. That’s why we have a dedicated representative to help answer any of your questions.
  3. We also wanted to reward our faithful readers by giving them the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what we believe will be the greatest options revolution Wall Street has ever seen. 

The best way for us to ensure that you will get the service and the results I’ve promised here is to limit Charter Membership to just 100 during our first year. 

After all, Technical Traders Alert represents a bold new options trading approach.

Which is why I fear we will have to turn qualified investors away. 

To make sure you don’t miss out, here are the steps to take to ensure you get a spot.

So if you are at all interested in joining, now is the time to act.

With Our Exclusive Two-Year Guarantee,
You’re Fully Protected

If you subscribe to our other Eagle publications, then you know we stand behind every single one of our recommendations. Not just for 30 days, but, in some cases, for as long as two years.

Technical Traders Alert is one service that comes with such a two-year guarantee. Here’s how it works: If it doesn’t deliver at least two winning trades per week on average for the first 12 months, you’ll get a second year free.  No questions asked.

Call our investor relations department, and they will add another year to your membership. It’s that simple.

You may think I’m sticking my neck out by offering such a strong guarantee. I’m not, really. Because we deliver what we promise, there’s no risk on our part at all.

Should you decide to join us, here’s what our Technical Traders Alert service offers you:

We’ve already had 25 double- and triple-digit winners since February 24th, so averaging two winnings trades a week over the next year is a piece of cake. That’s just how confident I am. But, given the state of the country and these extraordinary times, I’m also adding a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee to my offer. 

If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the kind of profits Jon Johnson and Technical Traders Alert can bring you during your first 30 days, just let us know and we will send you a complete refund.

When you add up all the benefits, you can see why we expect our new service to sell out quickly, especially because we will be giving our Charter Members a special discount price for joining this groundbreaking service.

We hope you choose to be one of them.

All You Have to Do Is Respond to This Invitation
Now to Secure Your Seat

That’s it. Once you’ve claimed your spot, we’ll lock in your discount and take it from there. All you need to do is keep your eyes open for Jon’s text or email trade alerts.   

It’s that simple. 

As I mentioned, our Technical Traders Alert does it all for you — opportunistically seeking out the market’s very best trades and then sending those trades directly to your inbox or cell phone — all in real time. 

You simply follow along with our trades in your brokerage account. It’s that easy.

That’s the beauty of our system. 

It scientifically sorts and categorizes thousands of stock charts, focusing like a laser beam on the predictable patterns that have proven themselves to be the most profitable — ultimately issuing simple put and call instructions you can execute with the click of a mouse.

Direct to You from the Most Trusted Name
On Wall Street

For nearly two decades, Eagle Financial Publications has been providing wealth-building advice and recommendations to millions of independent-minded investors like you. We take the trust you place in us seriously. 

Our mission is to help you accomplish your financial goals and ultimately live life on your terms.  

Today, with the launch of our new Technical Traders Alert advisory, you have the opportunity to capture some of the biggest short-term gains the market has to offer while rebuilding your wealth one trade at a time. 

So What Does It All Cost?

By now you can tell that Technical Traders Alert is not simply another options trading advisory filled with complicated trading strategies that make you connect the dots to get the trades right.

Far from it!

It employs a proprietary computer algorithm that does all the work for you — ultimately issuing simple put and call instructions via email that you can profit from with the click of a mouse.

As such, it costs more than your typical options service, because it brings you not only ease of use, but much more in profits as well. When you add up everything that’s included and the returns you can expect to achieve, I think you’ll agree it’s a fair price.

After all, you get…

 It doesn’t get better than that!

Because you are part of the Eagle family, we wanted to reward you for the loyalty you have shown us over the years. 

That’s why, should you accept my invitation to join us as a Charter Member, you’ll pay just $1,495 for a year’s membership. That’s not only less than $4 a day, but also a savings of 63% off the regular $3,995 price non-Eagle readers will pay.

I don’t think I could make it easier, more affordable, or more risk-free to explore our new trading service. My only regret is that we can accommodate only 100 Charter Members and will almost likely have to turn people away.  

So, if you are at all interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to recover a portion of your wealth, click here now to reserve your seat. Because tomorrow I can’t guarantee any spaces will be available. 

When you consider that I will also guarantee you an average of two winning trades a week for the next 12 months along with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee — and the opportunity to rebuild your wealth — how can you possibly say no?

So, what do you say?

Trust your instincts and give it a shot.

Click here to claim your seat right now!


Roger Michalski,
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

P.S. I can’t stress this enough:  

I can’t tell you when the market will return to some kind of normalcy, but I can tell you this: These wild market swings, downturns, dips, flash-crashes, and collapses will be with us for some time.

If you don’t have a strategy to protect yourself and profit, you’ll miss out on some huge profit opportunities that could have been yours.

My two-year guarantee will give you confidence to put our new service to the test not just during these tough times, but as the market turns around as well.

Plus with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you won’t risk a dime. 

You get:

And then decide.

There’s no way you can lose.

Click here now to lock in your savings and secure your spot.

The beauty of doing so now is that you will not only lock in our lowest price, but also have up to two years to see our trades pay off. 

If you click and find we are already full, please enter your email address in the box provided. I can’t make any promises, but I will put you on our wait list.  

No matter what you decide, I want to thank you for the loyalty that you have shown us over the past 17 years and for considering this exclusive Charter Membership offer.