The “Either Way Wins” Strategy

Market Up, Market Down…

Either way, I’m personally handing out
2 triple-digit gains each month on average

Fellow Investor,

That’s no typo…

My strategy could have handed you an average of two triple-digit gains each month in 2022… with some exploding as high as 134%… 143%… even 234%… at a time when the markets were tanking.

In other words, our profits could have protected your portfolio at the exact same time those twice-monthly triple-digit profits roll in.

And our profits come in FAST.

This year alone, each trade averaged just 22 days.

At that speed, this strategy quickly transforms crumbling markets into big profits.

Had you used my strategy, it could have turned 2022’s nightmare markets into decades’ worth of prosperity.

But 2022 wasn’t the only year my strategy brought home huge gains from the market.

In fact, it has averaged more than two triple-digit profits each month during the past three years.

And last year, some exploded as high as 134%… 143%… even 234%… giving us the most consistent triple-digit gains I’ve ever seen, twice a month, even while the markets tank.

And at the risk of stating the obvious…

Every time you rack up a triple-digit gain, you have (at least) doubled your money.

So consider that during the past three years – even through the punishing crash of 2022…

My strategy could have doubled your money… TWICE EACH MONTH on average.

And after I show how this strategy profited through every conceivable market condition in the past three years…

You’ll have the risk-free opportunity to get in on the ground floor of my surprisingly simple trading strategy.

Jon Johnson

My name is Jon Johnson. I’m a self-made multimillionaire trader – and I’ve made it my mission to help individual traders grow their accounts alongside me.

You may have seen my advice in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Kiplinger, the Money Show… almost any place investors need questions answered.

And I use a super-simple, one-of-a-kind strategy to trade.

It handed us 24 triple-digit gains in 2022…

It paid out 47 triple-digit gains during the record-setting boom of 2021…

And gave us a whopping 84 triple-digit gains in 2020 (the year of the COVID Crash )…

Totaling 153 triple-digit trades in the past three years.

And because my trading strategy has been churning out sizable returns through the past three years of booms AND busts…

I call it the Either-Way-Wins strategy.

All we need are stock prices to move up OR down, either way…

And we can find a winning trade.

In fact, I’ve never seen one trading strategy give out so many opportunities to trade.

Investor’s Business Daily recently boasted about how my Either Way Wins strategy recently gave us two trades in just one day.

Yahoo! Finance says one Either Way Wins trade “appears almost daily.”

And the Wall Street Journal devoted a whole page to my strategy.

My point: We have more than enough trading opportunities using this strategy.

There’s low-hanging fruit virtually everywhere. All I need is for the market to move – up or down.

And the more volatile, the better…

Because I can tap into bigger surges and plunges.

And here’s the thing: It’s not rocket science.

Anybody can trade these straightforward, uncomplicated trades.

You’ll be astonished at the ease of this “paint by numbers” strategy.

Like I said, it would have handed you 153 triple-digit trades during the past three years…

Including 24 triples in 2022 alone.

And all I’ve needed is a fast-moving, volatile market… up or down…

Here’s an example:

On January 6, 2022, the market started a steep plunge.

Traders panicked and started a sell-off…

But I noticed Halliburton (HAL) would be a perfect fit for my Either Way Wins strategy.

So even though the markets were selling off… I did the opposite of what most traders were doing:

I urged my readers to buy right away…

Trade Alert

And just four days into the trade, we sold part of our position for a 130.4% gain.

Three weeks later we sold the remainder of our position for an even bigger 234.7% gain…

All this while the Dow dropped 3.2% in a single month, as you can see below:

Two Haliburton Trades vs the Dow

What’s that mean in dollars and cents?

Trade #1 could have more than doubled your money…

Turning $10,000 into $23,040… in just four days.

Or (more than) doubling $20,000 into $46,080.

What about Trade #2?

You could have more than tripled your stake…

Flipping $10,000 into $33,470.

Or $20,000 into $66,940.

Again, in less than a month.

Just pick any unstable market, up or down, in the past three years…

And my Either Way Wins track record proves my strategy’s two triple-digit gains each month, on average.

In fact, I’ve delivered so many consistent wins over the years, for traders like James S….

“How happy I am! It’s such a pleasure following his good advice. I made 37 trades, 36 of which I sold for a profit.”

That’s a 97% win rate, for subscribers like James.

Here’s another example:

On January 11, Big Tech started to get hammered.

But one play fit perfectly into my strategy.

I alerted readers to take a position in one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world:

Taiwan Semiconductors (TSM).

Taiwan Semiconductors TSM chart

TSM took off like a rocket.

Two days later we were able to book gains of 102% and 128%…

While the Nasdaq lost 2.2%:

Taiwan Semiconductors vs NASDAQ chart

In plain terms, the first trade could have more than doubled your money…

Turning $10,000 into $21,020… in only two days.)

(Or $20,000 into $42,040.)

But we also made a second trade.

And again, had you taken my trade, you would have more than doubled your money…

Turning a $10,000 stake into $22,800.

And in only two days!

Fast, easy, and trustworthy. And no worries.

Trader Catherine R. agrees, telling us this kind of trading is actually stress-relieving for her…

“I think JJ is absolutely incredible. Really and truly. After working with his trades… he has completely gained my trust. It’s exciting and stress-relieving at the same time. It’s taken so long to find someone with this kind of energy. Thank you, Jon!”

Best part is, this strategy can work for just about any trader.

Have a look at this follow-up trade:

On January 12, we took further advantage of Big Tech’s developing collapse.

I recommended my readers trade Silicon Laboratories Inc. (SLAB) right away:

Trade Alert - SLAB

We sold part of our position for a 134% profit in nine days…

And the remaining gain of 193% only three days later.

Total time in trade: 12 days…

While the Nasdaq dropped -11%:

SLAB vs NASDAQ chart

The first trade could have been another 2X opportunity…

Turning $10,000 into $23,400 in just nine days.

Or $20,000 into $46,800.

And the second trade could have been even more impactful…

Growing $10,000 into $29,300.

Or $20,000 into $58,600 in just 12 days.

And we’re just getting started!

I say that because the market is still churning… with no sign of letting up.

Now, you’ve just seen a tiny sample of the triple-digit wins we’ve regularly made.

I could go on for days about them…

But instead, buckle up for the next few minutes – because I’m going to show you:

My point is this:

$18.9+ billion per day trading hands means there’s always price movement somewhere.

And that creates a multitude of opportunities for hyper-profit patterns.

So I’m never worried about having to find a trade.

I simply sit back, relax, and select the best pattern available in this target-rich trading environment.

I Don’t Trade Like Other Traders… I Keep It for Simple for Multiple Triple-Digit Trades

I refuse to do anything complicated.

And you’ve seen the results: 153 triple-digit results in less than three years.

Pro traders agree that simple is best:

Investopedia advises, “Keep it simple…”

The Balance agrees: “Keep your … trading simple.”

CNBC speaks glowingly of a “simple” decades-old trade.

In fact, the biggest trading problem today is over-complication.

There are too many tools.

Especially technical indicators. There are more than 100 available.

But there are problems…

I’ve seen too many newbies try to understand the market by cluttering their charts with too many indicators.

Their screens look like sales banners on a used car lot.

Worse, the people who sell courses or write books about technical trading systems often give out inaccurate or incomplete information on how indicators actually work.

Even “experts” get the wrong mix of indicators, or the wrong time frame.


These can lead you into doomed investments with disastrous consequences.

Sure, lots of complicated indicators make a trader look smart…

But using more indicators just means more things can go wrong.

Using too many indicators means too much confusion… too much noise… and too little profit.

Instead, I just use the easy Either Way Wins strategy over and over again.

Our system wins consistently because it’s simple.

Anything else muddies the waters… and overcomplicates your trading… setting you up for losses.

Here’s an example:

At a recent investment conference where I was speaking, a fellow speaker in his early 20s was showing off a website boasting 100 technical indicators, A–Z.

From the looks of the audience, maybe a few retail traders were impressed.

But he didn’t impress any of the professional traders in the crowd.

They know you don’t need to know 100 technical indicators.

That’s as ridiculous as learning 100 ways to hold your steering wheel.

Heck, you don’t need to know 50. Or even 30. Or even 20.

I use just one indicator in my Either Way Wins strategy.

This one indicator is all it takes to change your financial life forever.

I also use a select number of simple tools.

Nothing complicated.

Because today, with all the noise out of the way…

I look at a chart and see clear-cut, easy-to-make trades.

So with the Either Way Wins strategy, it takes me a matter of minutes to trade.

I love trading, and I love teaching new traders.

Especially when we can grab the same opportunities that come every day to insiders, hedge fund traders, and institutional investors.

So in just a minute, you’ll see why I’ve documented my Either Way Wins strategy into a plain-English blueprint to show you how often, easy, and fast you can bank these oversized profits.

I created this blueprint because I’m concerned that…

You’re Missing Out… While Either Way Wins Traders Are Getting Rich…

In 2022, we tallied 24 triple-digit gains.

That’s more than two opportunities to double your money each month.

This is nothing short of a trading breakthrough.

These are just some of the triple-digit profits we’ve made this year.

Let’s say you had put a mere $5,000 into each:


A few small trades of $5,000 (matching each win) could have generated a roaring six-figure profit of $152,825…

And this year alone, each trade averaged just 22 days… meaning you got to keep more of your money working for you… instead of sitting in a long-term investment, waiting for a gain.

And an amazing 24 triple-digit gains by early November means more than two money-doublers per month in these unstable markets.

If you missed out… that’s a lot of money to leave on the table.

Think of what you could have done with an “extra” $152,825. Would it have made a difference in your year?

I ask because I know of no one who can equal this record.

As you have seen, the Either Way Wins system creates triple-digit profits at the rate of more than two per month.

And this year will be a total of 3. 5 years I’ve shared the Either Way Wins strategy with other traders.

And the consistent profits during the crazy up and downs of the past three years have proved one thing to me:

Nothing else comes close to making recession riches like the Either Way Wins strategy.

And I’m trying to get the word out because…

HUGE Wins Are Yours for the Taking RIGHT NOW!

There’s never been a better time to trade volatility.

And in my strategy, volatility = profits.

The more volatility, the bigger the surges and drops in the market…

And because all I need is for a stock to move…

More volatility means bigger returns on our trades.

So when I think ahead about the economy and market, when I use my research to forecast the coming next two years…

I’m seeing a watershed of cash to flood your trading account… because my research agrees with the top analysts.

A recession is now certain, and on the way, according to Business Insider and Bloomberg.

“The US has a 100% CHANCE of tipping into a recession within 12 months…”

US Recession

Fortune magazine warns,

90% of CEOs say they now believe a downturn is coming.”

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, sounds the alarm:

“You better brace yourself.”

Carl Icahn, the billionaire genius trader, whose assets increased 30% the first six months of 2022, agrees:

“We printed up too much money and just thought the party would never end,” he told MarketWatch. “The party’s over.”

The International Monetary Fund practically screamed, “The risks of recession are rising,” warning of “multiple shocks” so “buckle up.”

Even the World Trade Organization has “painted a grim picture of a GLOBAL RECESSION.”

Things could get very ugly, very quickly. If current events and the past two recessions offer any previews, we could experience…

Increased bankruptcies. They are already on the rise, up 10% this year.

increased bankruptcies

Foreclosures are skyrocketing… up 167 % from this time last year.

foreclosures skyrocketing

Out-of-control inflation, skyrocketing food and fuel prices…

out-of-control inflation

Unemployment soaring…

unemployment soaring

Continued supply-chain disruptions, robbing us of the basics we need to live…

supply-chain disruptions

Continued unrest in the streets…

unrest in the streets

Increased global turmoil as countries polarize behind Ukraine or Russia…

global turmoil

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to see any of the above events happen.

And I hate that some are already happening… and growing worse.

And if things deteriorate in the coming year, as the recession builds, I want you to have the tools to protect your family and your savings from it.

So I’m deeply concerned how some people are losing so much in the markets.

Most retail traders fall victim to volatility. But there is hope.

I’ve continually helped everyday retail traders prosper in today’s market… despite the raging volatility.

Here’s another example:

Check out a quick snapshot of the deepest part of the 2020 Covid Crash.

It shows how you could’ve grown your trading accounts during the Covid Crash.

We closed-out 10 triple-digit wins in less than five months during mass panic in the market:

mass panic in the market

That’s an impressive number of gains during a crisis panic.

As one of my followers happily told me at the investment conference I mentioned above…

“There just ain’t no stopping a trading system strategy that lives on volatility.”

With 2022’s triple-digit gains alone, with only $5,000 in each trade, as I showed you…

You could have plopped $137,825 into your trading account.

mass panic in the market

That’s the beauty of this system. As you’ve just seen, you get bigger wins more often.

No time wasted hunting for trades.

With the opportunity to 2X your stake, four times a month on average (as we have for the past three years.).

And it’s surprisingly easy to get started.

The most important thing to get you started today is knowing how these five simple patterns uniquely let you tap into…

A DOZEN or More Potential Big-Win Trades Each Week

It’s a basic fact:

There are endless opportunities in the market each day.

mass panic in the market

Almost every time a stock moves, money changes hands.

This means countless win opportunities for those who can capture those moves…

And have the tools to tap into this constant flow of money.

That’s what these patterns do – easily, simply, and quickly.

But why trade using patterns?

Because history repeats itself. The stock market is no exception.

And stock prices tend to form repeating patterns.

Some analysts have identified as many as 100 different “price patterns.”

But not all patterns are created equal. Some work more often and make more money than others.

Different patterns have different levels of reliability. Which means you can depend on some patterns more than others.

And after two big-profit decades, I’ve narrowed it down to just a handful of proven patterns that are reliable and dependable.

It’s a case of “less is more.” I like to keep things simple. I choose quality over quantity.

Life is easy when I can make six figures in nine months… with a mere $5,000 in each trade.

Look, I don’t make one extra cent by going willy-nilly, making over 150 different trades at a time, using dozens of indicators.

In fact, that’s a recipe for disaster. Too many things to track means you lose track of things… and lose money.

Using too many patterns trading tactics is just sloppy trading.

It’s like pitching piles of garbage against a wall to see if something sticks.

Besides, with prices going up and down on 2,578 different stocks on the New York Stock Exchange…

And 3,030 ETFs

And 3,788 stocks listed on the Nasdaq…

There’s plenty of movement with different stocks in the market… which is all the Either Way Wins strategy needs… with patterns showing up a dozen or more times a week.

With so many stocks giving us continuous opportunities… we can sit back and let a good trade come to us.

With that many potential trades to pick from… there’s no need for uncertainty, stress, or fear.

And my results prove my point…

Can you imagine – even in a slow year – an average of two triple-digit gains per month?

That kind of success shows why my traders never have to face…

The Biggest Problem in Making Money: Finding a Profitable Trade

When I get as many as 10… 15… or even 20 trading setups each week…

It’s not a matter of having enough opportunities.

It’s more of a matter of cherry-picking the best from among many.

That lets me take my time and relax. I have no fear of missing out There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Which is the exact opposite of what most traders do.

They stay glued to their monitors all day, tensed and clenched until their eyes go red… begging, waiting for a trading setup.

I don’t have complex criteria that only let me trade once a week – or month.

I don’t follow advice from what Wall Street or CNBC says looks good.

I don’t pay attention to any guru.

I don’t have to rely on my gut.

And I don’t waste time worrying what direction the market is going.

Frankly, either one of my patterns trades appears or it doesn’t.

Plain and simple.

Because if one of my Either Way Wins trades doesn’t appear… I don’t have to wait long.

There’s always another just around the corner.

This kind of success shows why my traders almost NEVER have to face… the biggest problem in trading:

Finding a profitable trade.

And I’m going to help make that threat vanish for you as well, by showing you exactly

Now, after each day’s opening bell, I simply glance at my monitor and see what patterns are unfolding today.

There’s always another pattern coming. And that lets me be choosy.

That’s the luxury of having five dependable patterns where Either Way Wins, letting me tap into the best of 10 or 20 trades available each week.

And this unique method eliminates the single biggest fear investors have:

Missing out on dozens of new trading opportunities.

And it helps avoid risky trades that can cause deep losses.

Once I discovered a handful of winning patterns I could depend on, repeatedly… I immediately threw out the “conventional” trading rulebook.

Because when your trading setups are predefined, making money becomes a simple cookie-cutter operation.

You just punch one out after the other.

That’s what I mean by “simple.”

So if you get nothing else from this today, please get this:

Simple is important.

Simple could have made you six figures from $5,000 trades… in just 10 months… even in a crashing market.

That’s why, with my pattern system, I reap the benefits.

When prices move, they often form patterns.

No complicated trades. The patterns form, you recognize them, you trade.

No uncertainty. You can wait for a great trade to unfold.

No fear of missing out. Another trade is just around the corner.

With an average of two triple-digit wins per month, you can see what that amounts to.

A Simple “Connect the Dots” Pattern for Triple-Digit Profits

If all I need are a few reliable patterns that reveal high-profit trades, why do most other traders struggle… or fail?

The problem is there are too many technical indicators.

I say this because there are tons of these complicated tools used in the investment world.

You see them in “gurus” selling trading systems (making them look important because they’re so complex).

They give long explanations using too many technical indicators… and often lead to losing trades.

Even many “experts” in the media are often led astray by focusing on the wrong technical indicator(s).

Misuse of complicated technical indicators is widespread. And it can cost you disastrous losses in your trading account.

And it’s why I’ve found so many traders fail.

Yet my simple patterns cut through the confusion by disregarding too many inaccurate indicators.

I’ve narrowed the field down to only one indicator which my patterns need.

Remember, simple is the way.

We don’t want traders tripping over their trading tools.

Now, you will find one simple, fundamental indicator useful.

The one most traders learn on their first day… But traders often abandon fundamental indicators because they are seduced by the cool-looking complicated technical indicators.

Why is this important?

Because one simple, fundamental indicator can help you determine the strength of your pattern.

I’ll show you more on this crucial yet easy-to-understand difference in a moment.

For now, know that too many traders fail by relying on too many technical indicators… when just a basic fundamental is all you need to support different patterns.

You MUST have the right tools, just as you MUST have the right intel about your trades. How do I get this intel?

I send out a broadcast to my readers every morning.

And a wrap-up after the market closes.

This is high-level market intel.

And I’ll show you more in a minute.

But on a regular basis, I review what I’ve done and see if I can improve what I do.

But for the most part… I go back and look at some of the best options that were available at the time.

(There is often more than one pattern available to trade.)

So I can see just how lucrative each pattern turned out.

And while every trader has the occasional loss… which means no one should trade with the grocery money…

I know of NO ONE ELSE who’s pulled in 153 triple-digit wins in the past three years through every market condition possible:

Record-breaking booms…

Sudden unexpected busts…

A horrid crash from spiraling inflation and a crushing recession.

The sheer number of wins during every conceivable market condition shows us…

Pattern Trades Are the Future

You’re getting in on the ground floor.

And although no one has a crystal ball… the reliability of pattern trading can’t be denied.

Who wouldn’t love the security of multiple triple-digit wins rolling in during both booms and busts?

And countless people I’ve shown pattern trading to are thrilled with how simply and easily my system works.

Many of them become lifelong friends, like John Lightfoot from Oceanside, California:

“I have been… a member of a number of recommendation and advisory services. have I been so impressed with the calls, profits, and service as I have been since joining you… FOR LIFE and I sincerely thank you for providing such” value.

Trader Chuck Rowe agrees:

“Your remarkable insight and knowledge of the stock market is something I look forward to… Thank you for 11 GREAT YEARS, it has been a real pleasure for me learning from you!!”

Actually, I’ve been doing this for 21 years.

That’s important… because you don’t last two years in this business unless you’re helping people make piles of cash.

It’s amazing how just a few dependable patterns unravel the mysteries of the markets.

It’s like unlocking the master key to trading. It’s like being taught a secret code that’s amazingly simple… yet opens whole new worlds you never dreamed you could be a part of.

The market suddenly becomes understandable. It’s no longer a mystery.

The ups and downs begin to make sense when you look at the charts and see patterns.

These patterns are like blueprints guiding you through the trade.

They help unlock the mystery of when to get into a trade… and when to get out (which is virtually unknown to 99% of traders).

But this Either-Way-Wins system has generated massive profits during every boom, bust, and crash in the past 21 years.

So with my Either-Way-Wins system, there’s no need for fear.

When you stick to a few easy trading patterns, you don’t care if the markets are up or down.

You simply put in a trade every time you see one of these patterns appear.

And these patterns appear many times each week during all kinds of market conditions.

Trader Steve Rafter raves about his returns:

“Why would anyone with a level of sense about them NOT do this? It is low risk with your great track record. Timing, consistent winners, short plays – that’s the formula most people should find stress relieving. Thank you!”

Another trader, Scott Koppenhafer, loves how it’s dependable:

“You have a wonderful WORKING system here. A lot of people with money would like to know about what you have here. It’s a gold mine. Congrats to you.”

It bears repeating… I’ve never found any other system that generates 153 triple-digit profits during every imaginable market condition.

All you’ve read today adds up to one inescapable conclusion: The Either-Way Wins system means money when the market’s up.

And money when the market’s down. Earlier I showed you how, through October 2022… $5,000 in each triple-digit win would have handed you $137,825 in profits.

That’s a six-figure profit for those tiny investments of $5,000 at a time.

Bottom line: The Either-Way-Wins system is a game-changer.

How the World’s Most “Recession-Ready” Triple-Digit Trading System Works

Let’s look at the inner workings of my Either Way Wins strategy…

And its seemingly endless string of triple-digit wins.

A little background will help you understand this quickly.

Remember, I said that there was one simple indicator we use…

And a small handful of easy-to-use tools.

Our trading system works naturally for you. With most people, it becomes instinctive.

Because it’s visual.

I’ve made it that way on purpose.

Here’s why…

You see, everyone’s brain is a pattern-recognition machine.

According to Psychology Today, “Humans can’t help but look for PATTERNS in the information coming their way.”

Since the dawn of man, we have looked up at the millions of stars…

And picked out patterns of the Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt, and the Southern Cross.

And that’s a common experience in virtually every culture.

Our prehistoric ancestors survived by quickly recognizing a distant moving pattern as predator or prey.

Drivers learn patterns quickly: triangular yield signs. Octagonal stop signs. Orange barrels. The shapes of barriers, trucks, cars… and the flashing blue lights of police vehicles…

Teenage drivers learn those little round knobs on the dashboard make music louder. (Sometimes a lot louder.)

Computer programmers often write code with Visual Basic or Visual C++.

Even the so-called algorithm traders with their supercomputers and complex programs will readily admit… even the most sophisticated algorithm is still a pattern.

You get the idea.

Everyone’s brain is a pattern-recognition system.

“Our brain CRAVES patterns,” claims Psychology Today’s Professor Robert Barkman, Ph.D.,

Your brain wants to identify patterns when they start to appear. It’s drawn to them like a magnet to steel.

Patterns are how we make sense of our world.

Pattern recognition is one of our first instincts. It’s wired into our brains.

That’s why you can easily learn simple, repeating patterns in the market…

But not all patterns are created equal. Some win more often than others.

That’s why I’ve narrowed it down to a small handful of the most successful, highest profit-paying patterns I’ve ever found.

Each of them is like a simple game of connect the dots.

And I’ve found that once I point them out to my traders…

Their minds begin to see these patterns instinctively.

Their brains start to latch on to them automatically… and recognize them like traffic signals.

So let’s take a quick look at…

The Exact Patterns That Have Generated 2 Monthly Triple-Digit Wins With the Either Way Wins System

Special Report

I’ve pulled together everything you need to know in a single document.

I call it the Either Way Wins Blueprint.

It’s the perfect VISUAL guide for trading.

This blueprint maps out simple instructions for…

Here’s my promise to you:

As this blueprint guides you easily through your very first trade and shows you how we’ve averaged two triple-digit returns each month…

Which means we’ve averaged two opportunities to double our money every 31 days.

All you’ll need in order to do the same is:

In fact, after your first few trades, you’ll marvel at how quick and easy pattern trading is.

You’ll likely make your next trades without even needing the blueprint.

But there’s one hitch:

You can’t buy this confidential dossier at any price.

There’s only one way to receive The Either-Way-Wins Blueprint.

In order to get it in your hands, you must be one of only 50 traders today to…

Put the Astonishing Power of the Either Way Wins Strategy to Work for YOU
(But You Must Act Quickly)

All you need to do is accept my invitation for a 30-day preview of my flagship pattern-trading advisory.

Technical Traders Alert Logo

I call it Technical Traders Alert

In short, I send you my recommended trade…

When to trade it…

And when to close your position.

I also break down which pattern we’re using, and give you a daily update on its status.

It’s the best way I can alert you that pattern trades are beginning to form…

How they’re progressing through their profit-building phase…

And when it’s time to close them out and bank your profits.

You make the same trades I do. I trade right alongside you.

That’s how much I want to see you make big money in bad times.

Just like professional traders do.

That’s my #1 goal for you.

And if you’re one of the 50 I accept today, you’re in for a life-changing experience with our private trader’s club called Technical Traders Alert.

Let’s begin with this:

The Either-Way-Wins Blueprint:

Special Report

Your entire life is about to change… because I’m giving away my complete system in a fast, step-by-step explanation of the handful of patterns I see every day in the market… and the one indicator I use to validate them.

You will have the power to do the same thing, and you’ll understand everything you need after simply taking a few minutes to read this quick but comprehensive blueprint.

Real-Time Trading Alerts:

Trading Alerts

I issue special breaking trading alerts in real time if an opportunity suddenly arises. I’ll alert you by cellphone and email.

This gives you the chance to get in early and make more profit, before the crowd comes rushing in, pushing up prices.

Morning Intel Briefing:

This alone is worth double the annual dues of our Technical Traders Alert club.

Each trading day, you get market intel that average investors don’t even know exists.

Morning Intel Briefing

This is the same kind of in-depth info big trading firms pay analysts seven figures a year to gather for them.

From this day forward, you can forget all the noise you get from online financial sites. Instead, you get high-impact pre-market analysis that professionals use in order to get their edge.

Here’s the market intel I want you armed with before the opening bell:

Plus, what I call…

The “Big Board” of Continuing Plays

You get a comprehensive list of ALL open trades and their current status.

It looks like a military commander’s battle grid… and you have top-clearance access.

BONUS: You also get my secret watchlist… trades I’m waiting to move on. It’s like getting a glimpse inside a master trader’s mind.

And you won’t be surprised when I send you an email or cellphone alert to “pull the trigger.”

Daily Closing Bell Debriefing:

Daily Closing Bell Debriefing

You get my take on what happened and WHY it happened.

But most important, I want you to have the stories of both trading triumphs and lessons learned.

This strategic overview is the fastest way I know of to become a master trader.

Plus, I want to stay in close contact with my traders. So both pre-market briefings and daily closing bell debriefings offer you a front-row seat in the global financial arena.

Does your broker or financial advisor reach out to help you twice a day?

24/7 Private Website Access:

Private Website Access

You get your own password, giving you full access to my encrypted website. Here you’ll find tons of trading tips, tricks, and strategies to maximize your trading.

You also get access to red-hot special reports, trading videos, complete archives of all past alerts, all my current recommendations, and the positions of your open trades.

You’ll also get my breaking research on the market and economy, with updates from around the world.

With all these trading weapons in your arsenal…

I Have a Quick Question for You:

Do you need all this stuff to make money? No, but I do want you to have every possible bit of support to help you.

And while all these resources are nice to have, all you really need is an internet connection, a cellphone or computer, and a broker’s account with a bare minimum of $5,000.

It’s that simple.

And your timing couldn’t be better.

Because of the deepening recession and the continuing market upheaval, I’ve reopened Technical Traders Alert to 50 new traders today.

But only 50.

And to make it possible for just those few traders who show a sincere desire to survive and grow their retirement in the coming months…

I’m thrilled to announce:

Membership Dues Are at an All-Time Low

Given my track record during unstable markets…

And how we’ve averaged two money-doubling trades since I started Technical Traders Alert

I could easily get $5,000 a year for membership dues.

But that may put it out of reach for the average Joe, since it’s my goal to help individual traders reach their own goals.

I’m talking about winning opportunities that come every day to insiders, hedge fund traders, and institutional investors, making them filthy rich.

Even $4,000 would be a screaming deal.

But you won’t even have to pay half of that.

And just to let you know I’m sincere about helping you…

Let Me Sweeten the Pot With These High-Value Bonuses

I’m going to do everything I can to make this a perfect fit for you.

Check out:

Bonus #1: Let’s Talk:

Lets Talk

Every 3 or 4 months – sometimes more often – you can hop on a LIVE private conference call with me and your fellow members.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the plain-English way I explain the complexity of the present market condition to you – plus vital intel on forecasted events.

You’ll come away with precise forecasts of which sectors can pay you the most explosive returns in the coming months with our patterns…

And a preview of some of the best bets that can boost you on your way to a seven-figure trading account.

I’d be hard-pressed to put a value on this call.

But others have said they’d readily pay as much as $500 to be on the line each time we pick up the phone with one another.

Bonus #2: My Quick Start Guide:

Quick Start Guide

I want you to hit the ground running.

No need to wait for the trades to start rolling in.

Look, time is money… especially in trading.

And this will cut through all the noise and save you oodles of time.

You get:

This guide is like a manual for beginner pattern traders.

Please read this first. It’s a lifesaver. And a time-saver. And a big money-saver.

Bonus #3: A SECOND Trading System:

A professional trading friend of mine has offered my members a close-up view of lifetime trading strategies.

And he’s giving it to my new members at no charge as a professional courtesy.

He works for a boutique high-end firm – and they’re going to show you things most retail traders never dreamed existed.

This is the kind of stuff you learn at elite Ivy League schools.

And in this course (free for you), you’ll learn…

With all that in mind, let’s sum things up.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get With Technical Traders Alert:

Technical Traders Alert Logo

Like I said earlier, this bundle could easily fetch $5,000 a year.

It would be an amazing deal for $4,000.

My publisher’s retail price is $3,500.

But with everything coming in the economy and the markets in the next few months… I want serious traders and their families to be prepared.

Those who aren’t prepared run the risk of massive losses.

Those who ARE prepared could come out of this with more portfolio wealth than they’ve ever seen before.

So I want serious traders and their families to be protected… and have the opportunity to gain decades of wealth in a matter of months.

So for the next 50 traders today who recognize the gravity of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

I’ll let you in for a mere $1,495.

Do you think that’s too much money? Then your decision is easy.

The Either Way Wins System May NOT Be Right for You

I’m going to be blunt:

I don’t take just anyone under my wing.

Sure, I’ve shown you multiple, groundbreaking, triple-digit wins during the fast-moving markets of the past three years.

I’ve also shown you how financial mega-sites like the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, and Yahoo Finance speak in glowing terms about pattern trading.

Special Report

I’ve even offered to give you my own personal Either Way Wins Blueprint.

And I’ve even offered you a 30-day, risk-free trial of the membership.

But I can’t make your choice for you.

I want someone who’s going to accept my help. To start at the beginning. To do it my way… so they don’t throw their money away.

And so they take the shortest path to learn pattern trading the right way.

In this economy, I simply don’t have time to work with investors who are not serious.

You see, Technical Traders Alert is a small, close-knit trading community, dedicated to making aggressive big wins, fast.

If you don’t want big wins fast, might I suggest finding a nice little mutual fund.

Or maybe a dividend stock that will pay you 2% quarterly.

Or instead, you can follow my recommendations.

And please understand this: You DO NOT have to make every trade I recommend.

It’s your choice.

But again, when you do take a trade, I expect you to follow the rules.

Here are the rules. No exceptions.

  1. Trade my recommendations exactly as I recommend them. No wandering off the reservation.
  2. No chasing trades. If you don’t get in at the exact entry (or better), walk away. There’s always another trade around the corner. You chase N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Let the trade come to you.
  3. Never, Never, NEVER blow past a stop. When you set a stop to close your trade, and that stop gets hits that loss… take the small loss. And get ready for the next winner. Do not ever let the price go past your stop, hoping and praying it will come back. That’s a fool’s errand.

All you need to do is follow these rules… and you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache… and open yourself to potentially doubling your money following my trades.

Maybe those rules are acceptable to you. Maybe they are not.

Like I said, it’s your choice.

But they’re not negotiable.

My time is limited. I act professionally, and I ask the same of you.

And when you do, you’ll find you’re in for the most exciting time of your financial life!

But now it’s time for a decision.

And the way I see it, you stand at a three-way crossroads.

Road #1 takes you nowhere. You keep doing what you’re doing.

Road #1

If you’re not worried about your future…

If your nest egg is big enough to last throughout your retirement…

If you have enough money to survive stock crashes, inflation, and the coming recession…

Then by all means, keep rolling.

Taking another road means I do all the work. I walk you through each trade. No more worrying, no more uncertainty, and no more guessing.

Road #2 leads you to scour the internet, trying to find my patterns for yourself.

I wish you luck. Sincerely. Because there are at least 100 patterns, or variations on patterns, according to a book I’ve seen.

But I’ve narrowed it down to the handful that actually work.

And I also know how to use the one fundamental indicator that unlocks all my patterns for entries and exits.

Road #3 goes directly to the future.

This road means I do all the work. I walk you through each trade.

No more worrying, no more uncertainty, and no more guessing.

You get every trade recommendation for Technical Traders Alert and its Either Way Wins system…

Access to my reports, research, and forecasts…

Morning intel briefings and afternoon debriefings…

And my simplified Either Way Wins Blueprint that helps you lock in the kinds of winning trades I’ve shown you today.

All you need to do is trade the recommendations I message to your cellphone or email…

And enter those trades into your online account (or call your broker)…

Which of these three roads is the best for your future?

The choice is a no-brainer.

Just remember this:

There are dreamers and doers.

Now, dreamers say they want to retire rich.

But since they don’t take action, they actually have a wishbone for a backbone.

That’s life.

But this is also life:

There are only a few people with enough spine to take a risk-free offer like this.

If you’ve read this far, I think you’re one of those people.

But you must be one of the first 50 today to take me up on it…

Or you’ll be left out in the cold.

But you can check it out for 30 days, on me, 100% risk-free.

But if you still have even have a shadow of a doubt…

Check Out My NO QUESTIONS-ASKED, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

With my 100% no-cringe policy, there’s simply no way to go wrong. You’re only saying “maybe.”

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s how my policy works:

You MUST be 100% thrilled with my service within your first 30 days of Technical Traders Alert, or I insist on rushing you a full refund.

What could be more fair?

You Now You Have Before You a Potentially Life-Changing Decision to Make

You can choose to invest the old way, and hope to build your nest egg little by little, taking whatever the markets give you…

You can strike out on your own with what I’ve shown you today…

Or you can try out my trading strategy risk-free for 30 days.

Put simply:

I believe that by following my trades, you can reliably grow your investment portfolio year after year.

To that end, I’d love to have you along for the ride.

Just click the button below to get started.

I look forward to trading beside you.

Jon Johnson
Jon Johnson
Investment Director,
Technical Traders Alert