Invest and Trade Profitably with Jon Johnson

Invest and Trade Profitably with Jon Johnson

Weekender for 1/29

January 29, 2023

1. Market Summary Market Was Able to Blow a Lead and Then Recover Tesla’s earnings and Chevron’s massive buyback help turn the downbeat earnings season’s start. Market able to blow a lead and then recover. Gross domestic product solid, durable transports surge, initial claims lower again. Afterhours earnings for semiconductors are disappointing at best. Market’s […]

Weekender for 1/22

January 22, 2023

1. Market Summary Another Session Lower Another session lower as the indices start to tap support in the next big test. As stocks fade off the rally peak, many of the “hard” sectors start to lead again. Not all industrials perform: big manufacturing and equipment sell harder. Expiration Friday could be interesting, but we still […]

Weekender for 1/15

January 15, 2023

1. Market Summary Consumer Price Index Matches Expectations Consumer Price Index (CPI) matches expectations on the headlines, stocks bounce up and down then rally. CPI internals show continued surging services, rents, food — the things we need. S&P 500 bumps into the 200-day simple moving average (SMA) as PHLX Semiconductor Sector (SOX) continues up through […]

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Big Stock Wins

StockDays HeldProfit
Cronos Group5378.31%
Intrexon Corp846.23%
Beyond Meat, Inc1533.30%

Big Option Wins

StockDays HeldProfit
Cronos Group53430.39%
United Technologies Corp18405.23%
Tech Data Corp47317.65%


Your remarkable insight and knowledge of the stock market is something I look forward to reading in your newsletters. Thank you for 11 great years, it has been a real pleasure for me learning from you!!

— Chuck Rowe

I love the service. Why wouldn’t anyone with a level of sense about them not do this. It is low risk with your great track record. Timing, consistent winners, short plays–that’s the formula most people should find stress relieving. Thank You!

— Steve Rafter

You have a wonderful working system here. A lot of people with money would like to know about what you have here. It’s a gold mine. Congrats to you all.

— Scott Koppenhafer

I have been trading stocks for about 6 years and been a member of a number of recommendation and advisory services. Never have I been so impressed with the calls, profits and service as I have been since joining you! You have a customer for life and I sincerely thank you for providing such a valuable service.

— Jon Lightfoot, Oceanside, CA

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