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Investment House Weekend Wrap Up

Weekender for 5/22

1. Market Summary Weak Futures But Not a Weak Session – Weak futures but not a weak session. It was at least better than the futures indicated. – The economic data are still weak. The same is true for existing home sales, as demonstrated by the Philly Fed. That, however, never stopped an economist from […]

Weekender for 5/15

1. Market Summary Stocks Sell Again – Stocks sell again, though it was not the ugly start needed. Instead, it stretched the third leg to match the earlier one. – Indices dip again and rebound. Meanwhile, the fact that volume is higher means that they are in position to bounce. – The Producer Price Index […]

Weekender for 5/8

1. Market Summary The Dove Flies Into a Shotgun Blast – The dove flies into a shotgun blast, as harsh reality does indeed return. – The “Powell Push”gets shoved back down. – The indices are near 2022 lows, but we are holding out a flicker of hope that support will be found. It will be […]

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