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Good Morning, I was wondering if you could explain in your summary tonight what kind of stock VCEL is, in that it only trades in .5 increments? WTH? I have never seen this. I got in this by mistake yesterday when I saw it go above where you recommended it. Then I realized last night that you were holding off until it held the high. My bad. Watching this stock is worse than watching water boil. It just sits there. This must be what stock HELL would be like. UHG! Thanks for any insight you can give me.

August 30, 2000

Don’t fret about getting in early. The stock gapped then faded yes, but it is holding the 10 day EMA on very light volume. It is still in very good shape even if the biotechs took a bit of a hit on Wednesday. Don’t over-watch a stock as the micro moves can drive you insane. There is an old saying about not using intraday movements to act upon your positions that are not day trades. Closing prices are the best indicators, and VCEL is still holding where it needs to hold to keep the move we are looking for in play.

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