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Investment House Weekend Wrap Up Archive

Weekender for 7/10

July 10, 2022

1. Market Summary The Nasdaq Approaches the 50-Day Moving Average – The Nasdaq approaches the 50-day moving average (MA) as semiconductors catch a bid on Samsung’s better-than-feared earnings. – Defensive stocks stall somewhat, as bids move into multiple areas from growth to industrial. Did someone say the recession was over? – China’s stimulus plans help […]

Weekender for 7/3

July 3, 2022

1. Market Summary Market Closes Lower – Market closes lower, but it is well off the lows in a back-and-forth, end-of-quarter-type session. – Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) core is a gnat’s rear better, and again, the “inflation has peaked” theme appears. The PCE core may be a tad better, but the trend — in all […]

Weekender for 6/26

June 26, 2022

1. Market Summary Stocks Refuse to Give In – Stocks refuse to give in but are still moving toward near resistance. – The notion the Fed cannot get too aggressive and will indeed be forced to loosen monetary policy attracts some bids. – Continued weak economic data foster the “bad news is good news” notion. […]

Weekender for 6/19

June 19, 2022

1. Market Summary The Swiss National Bank Chop Blocks the Market – The Swiss National Bank (SNB) chop blocks the market the day after the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Indices gap lower and sell hard, with small-cap and mid-cap stocks leading the downside. – The violence of the Thursday selloff on top of […]

Weekender for 6/12

June 12, 2022

1. Market Summary Stocks Open Lower – Stocks open lower, try to rebound upside and then fold. – The afternoon selloff takes indices below the lateral consolidation. – The Fed ignores facts of the U.S. citizen’s net worth. Gasoline national average hits $5/gallon for the first time. – Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Michigan sentiment […]

Weekender for 6/5

June 5, 2022

1. Market Summary Stocks Break Higher – After a 2-day pause, stocks break higher, starting the second leg. – Less than good economic data, Microsoft warns, but stocks embrace the upside. – Jobs report ready as Automated Data Processing misses, initial claims back off some, but labor costs surge. – Good moves from chips, tech […]

Weekender for 5/29

May 29, 2022

1. Market Summary Resilience Turns to Solid Breaks Higher – Resilience turns to solid breaks higher. – The view that the Fed will limit rate hikes to four 50-basis-point hikes and improving retail earnings helped to trigger a break higher. – All indices but Nasdaq/Nasdaq100 move through the 20-day exponential moving average (EMA). Internals are […]

Weekender for 5/22

May 22, 2022

1. Market Summary Weak Futures But Not a Weak Session – Weak futures but not a weak session. It was at least better than the futures indicated. – The economic data are still weak. The same is true for existing home sales, as demonstrated by the Philly Fed. That, however, never stopped an economist from […]

Weekender for 5/15

May 15, 2022

1. Market Summary Stocks Sell Again – Stocks sell again, though it was not the ugly start needed. Instead, it stretched the third leg to match the earlier one. – Indices dip again and rebound. Meanwhile, the fact that volume is higher means that they are in position to bounce. – The Producer Price Index […]

Weekender for 5/8

May 8, 2022

1. Market Summary The Dove Flies Into a Shotgun Blast – The dove flies into a shotgun blast, as harsh reality does indeed return. – The “Powell Push”gets shoved back down. – The indices are near 2022 lows, but we are holding out a flicker of hope that support will be found. It will be […]

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